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top 18 Best Private Primary Schools In Bomet County

top 18 Best Private Primary Schools In Bomet County

This article is about the top 18 Best Private Primary Schools In Bomet County. The county is situated in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Bomet.

Bomet is one of the best performing counties in the former Rift Valley Province, both in terms of KCPE and KCSE National Exams. In KCPE exams, the county has managed to produce some of the best schools nationwide. Davsi Kiromwok Academy outperformed several private schools and was among the best nationwide, with a good overall average score. The school has also produced several pupils with 400 points or more.

Best Private Primary Schools In Bomet County

In no particular order, here is a list of the top private primary schools in Bomet County.

Davsi Kiromwok Academy

Location: Kiromwok

Apex Academy

Location: Konoin

Ndanai Township Primary School

Location: Sotik

Kalya Academy

Location: Chemosot Center

Zasa Academy

Location: Chepalungu

Judea Academy

Location: Bomet town

Johnches Academy

Location: Silibwet

Chelsa Academy

Location: Bomet town

Winsa Academy

Location: near the Satiet market.

Chemeng’wa Fila Academy

Location: Tendwet Kaporuso main road

Elimu Academy

Location: Manaret, Sotik

Bethel Academy

Location: Sotik

Bethlehem Missionary Academy

Location: Ndanai

Blessed Highrise Academy

Location: near the city of Bomet

Starlight Academy

Location: Kitaima

Silot Academy

Location: Sotik

Sigito boarding school

Location: Merigi, Bomet

St Mary’s Mixed Day and Boarding Primary

Location: near Bomet town