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top 8 best Ukulima Sacco Branches and Contacts

top 8 best Ukulima Sacco Branches and Contacts

This article is about top 8 best Ukulima Sacco Branches and Contacts. It is a Sacco deposit that was born in 1972. Ukulima Sacco is the 11th largest deposit Sacco in Kenya with an asset base of Ksh 12.74 billion.

Ukulima Sacco has a membership of over 47,000 people. Sacco attracts members from government ministries, county governments, parastatals, the business community, the private sector and Kenyans living in the diaspora.

Ukulima Sacco is based at the Ukulima Co-operative House along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi.

They have 8 branches across the country. At these branches you can access the Front Office Savings Activities (FOSA) services.

Front Desk Service Activity Services (FOSA) allows members convenient and convenient savings paths for money transfers, deposits and withdrawals.

best Ukulima Sacco Branches and Contacts

Some of the top branches and contacts of Ukulima Sacco

Ukulima Sacco Headquarters

Location: Ukulima Cooperative House, Haile Selassie Avenue Off Parliament Road, Red Cross Lane

Telephone: 020 2785000, 0720 179 991, 0735 886 565


Kisumu Branch

Location: United Mall, Ground Floor, A Wing along Kisumu – Kakamega Road

Telephone: 020 2785400


Mombasa branch

Location: Bahman Trust Building, Nkurumah Road Mikindani Street

Telephone: 020 2785 250


Eldoret branch

Location: Sirikwa Hotel Building, Oloo Street

Telephone: 020 2785200


Embu branch

Location: Eastern Emporium Building, Kenyatta Avenue

Telephone: 020 2785300


Nakuru branch

Location: KFA Building, Geoffrey Kamau Way

Telephone: 020 – 2785350


Kisii Branch

Location: Mocha Place, Kisii – Kisumu Road

Telephone: 020 2785450


Kakamega branch

Location: Agriculture Finance Corporation Building next to Kakamega Police Station

Telephone: 020 2785000