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Vision Afrika Sacco branches in Kenya

Vision Afrika Sacco branches in Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:15 pm

Here is the list of Vision Afrika Sacco branches in Kenya.

Vision Afrika Sacco, formerly Gilgil Sacco, was registered as a joint venture and credit union on November 22, 2004, cs no 10624.

A group of pioneers of Gilgil merchants came up with the idea of ​​pooling their assets, creating a network through which they could get loans at cheap rates, and avoid the exploitation of shylocks in financial institutions.

The front desk Sacco is intended to serve its open customers including merchants, farmers, Juakali artisans, travelers, bodaboda and workers within Gilgil, hence its name Gilgil Sacco.

The Sacco adopted the Vision name, Afrika Sacco, on December 23, 2010 after the constitution was amended to expand the jurisdiction to Nakuru and Nyandarua counties, to align with its growth and expansion plans.

List Of Vision Afrika Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office/ Nakuru Branch

Location: Rajdeep House, Opposite Generation House, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru.

Contact: 0728 075 075.


2. Naivasha Branch

Location: Mama Ngina Street.

Contact: 0716 291 550.

3. Gilgil Branch

Location: Gilgil Imani House, Along Kenyatta Avenue.

Contact: 0716 291 517.

4. Molo Branch

Location: Generation House, Opposite Kamusi Plaza.

Contact: 0743 124 415.

vision afrika products

With an asset base of 0.53 billion, it is one of the largest depository institutions in Kenya. Vision Afrika products and services

  1. FOSA products

Direct credit facility. Advance payment date.
Previous month’s salary.


  • Welcome to the sacco loan.
  • Emergency loan.
  • Kikundi loan.
  • Okoa jahazi loan.
  • Kilimo biashara.
  • School/university loans.
  • Fundraising.
  • Owner/Liner Loans.
  • Prime Trench Loans.
  1. Fundraising

Its purpose is to help sacco members acquire various assets such as trucks, cars, commercial vehicles, private vehicles, tractors or tuk tuk.

  1. Financial account products
  • A regular savings account.
  • Group Savings Account.
  • Fixed Deposit Account.
  • Toto Junior Savings Account.
  • Student Account.
  • Vacation Account.

5. Housing finance products

  1. Food products

Funding for the dairy industry.
Loan from Mazao Bora.

Best Environmental Loans.