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Aberdare National Park- entry fee and accommodation

Aberdare National Park- entry fee and accommodation

This article is about Aberdare National Park. We’ll tell you about the entry fee and accommodation plus why this is one of the coolest places to visit within Kenya.

Aberdare National Park: Kenya’s Hidden Mountain Magic

Hey there, let’s talk about one of Kenya’s secret treasures – Aberdare National Park. It’s like a hidden mountain paradise that’s all about breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife. So, buckle up, and let’s dive into the enchanting wilderness of Aberdare!

The Wonder of Aberdare

Mountain Marvels

Aberdare National Park gets its name from the Aberdare Range, these mystical mountains that are basically the park’s playground. They’ve got everything from high peaks to lush forests and bamboo groves. It’s like nature’s own adventure park, right in the heart of Africa.

Epic Waterfalls

Aberdare is like the land of waterfalls. Imagine Karuru Falls, a jaw-dropping cascade that tumbles down a cliff. It’s like something out of a movie. And that’s just one of them – there are more like Chania Falls and Magura Falls, all adding to the park’s magical scenery.

Wildlife Wonders

Even though Aberdare isn’t a Big Five hotspot, it’s got its own special gang of animals. There’s the elusive bongo, a seriously rare antelope that’s like a unicorn in the wildlife world. You’ve also got giant forest hogs, leopards, hyenas, and even the rare African golden cat.

All About the Adventure

On the Hunt

Game drives in Aberdare are a different kind of safari. The terrain is all hilly and forested, making it perfect for wildlife spotting. You can catch glimpses of elephants, buffaloes, and a bunch of monkeys doing their thing.

Fishy Business

For fishing fans, Aberdare’s high-altitude lakes and rivers are the place to be. You can try your luck at trout fishing while soaking in the stunning surroundings.

Birdwatching Bonanza

Birdwatchers, get your binoculars ready. Aberdare’s forests and moors are like a bird paradise. You can spot some rare ones like the Aberdare cisticola and Jackson’s francolin.

Sleeping in the Trees

Ever slept in a treetop lodge? Well, here’s your chance. It’s like sleeping in the sky with birds and animals all around. They come to a salt lick right below your room, giving you a front-row seat to their late-night antics.

The Culture and Legends

The Kikuyu people have their own stories about Aberdare. They believe this place is where Ngai, their Supreme Being, lives. It’s steeped in folklore and traditions, which make the park even more mystical.

Nature’s Bodyguard

Aberdare National Park takes its job of protecting wildlife super seriously. It’s part of a bigger team that includes Mount Kenya National Park, and together they safeguard endangered species and create safe pathways for animals to roam.

Ready for the Aberdare Adventure

Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a unique African escape, Aberdare National Park has got you covered. The Aberdare Range is a hidden gem, where mountains, forests, and waterfalls create a magical wonderland. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Aberdare National Park – it’s a mountain wilderness that’s just waiting to be explored

aberdare national park accommodation

While in Aberdare National Park, you will have a number of accommodation options.

1. Treetop Lodges:

The Ark: Imagine waking up in a treehouse with a front-row seat to wildlife action. At The Ark, animals swing by the waterhole and salt lick, and you get a show from your room.

2. Classic Safari Digs:

Aberdare Country Club: This place is like a mix of old-school charm and modern comfort. You’ve got comfy rooms, a golf course, and lovely gardens. It’s just outside the park.

The Outspan Hotel: A historic gem near the park’s main gate, where Queen Elizabeth II learned she’d be queen. They offer comfy rooms and park access.

Treetops Lodge: Another treetop deal, but this one’s got that cozy, rustic vibe. It’s where Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. How cool is that?

3. Camping Adventures:

Fisherman’s Lodge: For the campers and trout fishers, this spot by the Chania River is sweet. It’s basic, but you’ve got the river and camping.

Kiandongoro Fishing Lodge: Overlooking Chania Falls, this campsite is perfect for trout fishing fans. It’s got a chill vibe for campers.

4. Cook-It-Yourself Cottages:

Karuru Falls Cottages: If you’re into DIY, these cottages are cool. They’re close to the awesome Karuru Falls, and they’ve got what you need to keep it simple.

Just remember, it’s a good idea to book your spot in advance, especially when Aberdare is buzzing with tourists. So, whether you’re a treetop dweller, a classic safari enthusiast, a camping pro, or a cottage-loving DIYer, Aberdare National Park has you covered for a unique and unforgettable stay. Enjoy your wild adventure!

aberdare national park camp sites

Fisherman’s Lodge Campsite:

Location: Situated on the banks of the Chania River, this campsite offers a peaceful and scenic setting.

Highlights: It’s a popular spot for trout fishing, so if you love casting your line, this is your paradise. The river adds a tranquil ambiance to your camping experience.

Facilities: Basic camping facilities are available, including open spaces for setting up tents. Remember to bring your own camping gear and supplies.

Kiandongoro Fishing Lodge Campsite:

Location: This campsite is perched near the stunning Chania Falls, offering a beautiful backdrop for your camping adventure.

Highlights: Just like Fisherman’s Lodge, this spot is fantastic for trout fishing. It’s a peaceful spot for anglers and nature lovers.

Facilities: Basic facilities are available, including designated areas for setting up tents. Make sure to bring your camping gear and all the essentials you need for a comfortable stay.

aberdare national park fees

  • Resident: Adults- Kes 300, Children- Kes 215.
  • Non-Resident: Adults- $52, Children- $26.

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1. Where is Aberdare National Park located?

Aberdare National Park is situated in Nyeri County, central Kenya, approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles) north-northeast of Nairobi.

2. What’s unique about Aberdare National Park?

Aberdare is known for its dramatic mountain landscapes, including lush bamboo forests, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife, such as the rare bongo antelope.

3. What is the best time to visit Aberdare National Park?

The best time to visit is during the dry seasons, which typically run from January to March and June to October. During these periods, the weather is more favorable for outdoor activities and wildlife viewing.

4. What wildlife can I see in Aberdare National Park?

While it’s not a Big Five destination, Aberdare is home to unique species like the bongo, giant forest hogs, leopards, hyenas, and the African golden cat. You can also spot elephants, buffaloes, and various primates.

5. Are game drives available in Aberdare National Park?

Yes, game drives are offered in the park. The hilly terrain and dense forests provide a distinctive backdrop for observing wildlife.

6. Can I go fishing in Aberdare National Park?

Yes, Aberdare’s high-altitude lakes and rivers are suitable for trout fishing, offering an enjoyable recreational activity.

7. Are there accommodations in Aberdare National Park?

Aberdare offers various lodging options, including treetop lodges, lodges, and campsites, where visitors can enjoy the park’s unique landscapes and wildlife.

8. What is the significance of Aberdare to the Kikuyu people?

The Kikuyu people consider Aberdare to be the dwelling place of Ngai, their Supreme Being. The park holds cultural and spiritual importance for them, with various legends and traditions associated with the area.

9. Is there an entrance fee to Aberdare National Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee to the park. The fees may vary depending on your nationality and the type of activities you plan to undertake.

10. Can I visit Aberdare National Park as a day trip from Nairobi?

Yes, Aberdare is accessible as a day trip from Nairobi, but to fully experience the park’s beauty and engage in its activities, it’s recommended to plan an overnight stay.

11. How can I reach Aberdare National Park from Nairobi?

You can reach Aberdare National Park by road from Nairobi, with the journey taking approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the entry gate you choose.

12. Are guided tours available for Aberdare National Park?

Yes, guided tours and safaris are available, and many visitors opt for guided experiences to maximize their wildlife viewing and knowledge of the park.

Aberdare National Park offers a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience for those seeking to explore Kenya’s remarkable landscapes and discover its lesser-known wildlife treasures.