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County Sacco products In Kenya

County Sacco products In Kenya

This article is about the County Sacco products In Kenya. The genesis of Sacco County dates back to 1991 when it was registered by the Commissioner for Cooperative Development under the Cooperative Societies Act Cap 490, under the name Rukuriri Tea Growers Savings & Credit Cooperative Society. The sacco was enlisted to serve the tea farmers of Rukuriri Tea Factory and other tea factories like Mungania and Kathangariri Tea Factory selling tea.

The company was renamed County Sacco, indicating a limited Sacco that focuses on all counties in Kenya. It was authorized to start investing in loans in 2011 by the Sacco Companies Regulatory Authority to accept deposits from the public.

With an asset base of 0.72 billion, it is one of the largest Deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya and has many branches.

County Sacco products and services In Kenya


  • Mobile banking.
  • Field cash collection.
  • Cheque clearing.
  • Co-op agent.
  • Mpesa super agency.
  • Mpesa agent.
  • Sacco agency.


  • Milk advance.
  • Maziwa waruugi.
  • Crop advance.
  • Cheque advance.
  • Fixed deposit advance.


  • Sacco shares.
  • Share deposits.
  • Micro deposits.


  • Kilimo loan.
  • Milk loan / maziwa loan.
  • Biashara loan.
  • Jijenge loan.
  • Chama loan.
  • Loans in kind.
  • Mshahara loan.
  • Microfinance loan.
  • Co-op faida loan.
  • M-loan.
  • Institutional loans.


  • Ordinary account.
  • Corporate account.
  • Children account.
  • NHIF.
  • Business account.
  • Akiba account.
  • Christmas account.
  • Microenterprise account.
  • Student account.

County sacco contact info

Location: Kanja Market, Embu County.

Contact Numbers: 0700 290 241, 0732 210 416.

Email Address: