27 May, Monday
Equitel to Mpesa Transfer Charges

Equitel to Mpesa Transfer Charges

This article is about Equitel to Mpesa Transfer Charges. We tell you the fees you will incur when you transfer money from your Equity bank to Mpesa using Equitel. As previously shown on this site, Equitel is a payment and mobile banking company launched by Equity in 2015 and allows users to send money, borrow money, pay bills, check account balances and buy airtime.

We have also told you how to buy equitel airtime through Mpesa here

Equitel to Mpesa Transfer Charges

Without further ado, these are the transfer fees from Equitel to Mpesa.

​​Maximum Charges
​​1- 100​​34.10
​​101 – 500​​38.50
​​501- 1,000​​44.00
​​1,001- 1,500​​49.50
​​1,501- 2,500​​60.50
​​ 2,501 – 35,000​​ 60.50