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Harambee Sacco Membership Eligibility and Requirements

Harambee Sacco Membership Eligibility and Requirements

This article is about Harambee Sacco Membership Eligibility and Requirements. Harambee Sacco was officially trained and registered as a company in 1970. The Sacco was made up of employees of the Presidency who met and set up a carousel. The aim was to create a vehicle to promote a savings culture among them and provide short-term loans for personal growth and development. With over 32.5 billion in assets, Harambee Sacco is considered one of the largest deposit-taking saccos in Kenya.

Harambee Sacco Membership Eligibility

The Sacco obtained its members mainly from government institutions.

Currently, Kenyan citizens who fall into the various categories indicated can join the Sacco.

Harambee Sacco Membership Requirements

  • Complete the membership application form which is available on the Sacco website or can be obtained from any of your FOSA branches.
  • Attach copies of your DNI, passport photograph and KRA PIN.
  • The completed membership form must be delivered to Sacco via post, physical delivery, customer service points, business development executives or via email.
  • Membership fee of Ksh 1,000.


Each applicant for membership must also be a member of the sinking fund or loan protection scheme and therefore must be willing to pay Ksh300 per month.
Each member shall pay the prescribed share capital of Ksh 30,000, which may be paid in instalments.

A copy of the statute will be delivered to the member who requests it, upon payment of the prescribed fees.
The member will have access to a digital share certificate after obtaining the required shares.

Membership categories

  1. Members subject to a payroll withholding agreement

It is made up of employees working for the government and/or other accredited entities or employees of Harambee Sacco and its subsidiaries.

  1. Affiliated members without checks
  • Wafanisi: Consists of existing members who join the society while employed and after retirement wish to remain members.
    People with formal employment and a regular income.
  • Members of the diaspora (with regular legal income).
    Spouses of members (provided they are employees or entrepreneurs with a regular income).
  • Children of members.
  1. Groups (chamas), OBCs and registered NGOs

Groups, CBOs and NGOs will be admitted as members in accordance with the bylaws and membership policy provided.

  1. Corporations
  2. Individual enterprise

It is made up of registered businesses owned by private individuals.

6. Associations

It consists of registered business entities owned by more than one person and governed by a company deed.

7. Companies

It is made up of both public limited companies and public limited companies.

Harambee Sacco Products

FOSA products

  • Salary advance.
  • Shares boost advance.
    Salary in advance.
  • M-boosta
    Finje chapchap

BOSA products

  • Development loan.
  • Emergency loan.
  • Loan for school expenses.
  • Inuka loan.
  • Bima advance.
  • Shamba loan.
  • Karibu Loan.
  • Jisaidie top-up loan.

Harambee Sacco Contact info

Head Office: Harambee Plaza, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact phones: 0709 943 000/ 0709 943 100.