26 Apr, Friday
How To Buy Goods Using Safaricom Lipa Na Bonga Points

How To Buy Goods Using Safaricom Lipa Na Bonga Points

This article is about how to buy goods Using Safaricom Lipa Na Bonga Points. The service is open to all Safaricom subscribers who are enrolled in the loyalty program and wish to redeem their Bonga points at all points of sale with a purchase or payment number of a Lipa na Mpesa product. You will not be charged any additional fees for using the Lipa na Bonga points service. The Bonga Points value of the bill you are paying will be deducted from your Bonga balance after the redemption is complete.

If you enter a lower amount than your actual bill and the transaction is complete, you can request a reversal by contacting customer service by dialing 234 from your Safaricom line.

Redemption rate of Bonga points

Redemption of Bonga Points will be made at the rate of 1 Bonga Point per 20 US cents or as otherwise directed by Safaricom from time to time through media announcements or on Safaricom’s website.

How To Buy Goods Using Safaricom Lipa Na Bonga Points

1. From your Safaricom line, dial *126#. 

2. Select payment and credit.

3. Enter the supplier’s Mpesa cash register number, then enter the amount in Kshs. 

4. Enter your service PIN, then confirm the transaction. 

5. You will receive a confirmation message with the transaction ID. The provider will also receive a confirmation message with the same transaction ID.

How to check the bonga points needed to pay bills

1. Dial *126#.

2. Select bread and save, then select save calculator.

3. You will be asked to enter the amount you wish to pay or the number of points you wish to redeem.

4. You will receive a response stating the number of points you will need to pay your bills.

5. To check where to redeem your bonga points, simply make sure the supplier has a lipa na Mpesa product purchase number or invoice number.