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top fencing companies in Kenya

10 top fencing companies in Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 10:17 pm

Here is a list of the top fencing companies in Kenya. This list focuses on well-known companies that offer a variety of fencing solutions that make your storage area secure in any form.

top fencing companies in Kenya

This is a list of the best fencing companies in Kenya.

1. Seetec solutions

Seetec Solutions specializes in the supply and installation of high quality galvanized steel, electric fencing and perimeter fencing in Kenya.

Callers: 0719 402 315, 0739 548 578.


2. cute fences

The company specializes in the installation of wire fences and the supply of electric poles, electric fences, chain link fences and barbed wire, the construction of site houses, the drilling of wooden poles, the water towers and tree planting.

Location: Kikuyu. Callers: 0726 504 337, 0798 905 832.


3. Sanyati Ltd.

The company was established in 1991 and specializes in sport fencing in Kenya. He has earned a reputation as a leading fencer for large-scale sporting events. He is also an expert in the country’s residential electricity sector.

Callers: 0721 323 682, 0722 756 646.


4. Ultimate Fencing Solutions Ltd

This is a fencing service provider that prides itself on providing flexibility and ideas for your property, yard, and office. He specializes in all types of fencing.

Callers: 0724 209 890, 0750 048 036.


5. Patsec solution

It is one of the providers of security solutions in the country, specializing in the installation of electrical and electronic barriers, access control systems, alarm systems and environmental protection.

Venue: White Angle House, Room 76, Accra Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0714 847 183.

6. Kenya Electric Power

It is a leading security company in Kenya that provides supply and installation of electric fences, razor wire fences, farm fences, sports fences and solar fences.

Location: Kiambu Road, next to Mogra Children’s Home.

Contacts: 0722 708 034, 0725 790 734 734.


7. Hubtech Limited

Hubtech Ltd offers all types of fencing solutions whether for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural purposes. Location: Old Mutual Fund Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi.

Contact: 0703 245 951.


8. FenceTech Contractors Ltd

It is a leading fencing company that offers a variety of solutions such as electric fences, fencing blades, wire ropes, barbed wire and perimeter fences.

Contact: 0729 800 020.

9. Alltech Security Systems Ltd

They specialize in the installation of electricity, barbed wire and other security measures for sites, parks and properties in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Somalia.

Callers: 0722 967 544, 0733 516 965.


10. MEPS Fencing Systems Limited

MEPS specializes in the manufacture and distribution of electric fencing products and related materials such as green razor wire, high tensile wire, and galvanized razor wire.

Callers: 0719 339 981, 0722 514 594.