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how to know my airtel number today- simple guide

how to know my airtel number today- simple guide

This article is about how to know my airtel number. It happens to most of us: you’re about to do something like give your number to your latest best friend and you can’t figure out the digits! The most logical option would be to let them give you their contact details and call them, the problem is that there are a number of circumstances where this is not possible.

You probably don’t have credit and therefore it’s not possible to call him or your best friend may not have his cell phone with him at that moment or maybe you don’t even remember his phone number. It maybe possible one wants a statement from Airtel Money. Airtel Kenya has a nifty feature that would allow subscribers to recover the digits of their phone contacts in case they have forgotten them and their PUK for those who need it. All you have to do is follow a few simple USSD commands and you will see your phone number directly.

how to know my airtel number

To verify your Airtel mobile number, you can follow these steps;

  • Dial *100#
  • Scroll down and select Manage my account
  • On the next page, tap number and balance.
  • Press send
  • You will receive a text message with your number and balance.


Are there any charges for verifying my Airtel number?

No, there is no charge for verifying your Airtel mobile number.

What should I do if the USSD code or SMS method doesn’t work for me?

If USSD code or SMS method doesn’t work for you, you can call Airtel customer care by dialing 121 from your Airtel number or 18001031111 from any other number. An Airtel representative will help you find out your Airtel number.

Can I verify my Airtel number if I have no balance in my account?

Yes, you can verify your Airtel number even if you have no balance in your account.

What if I have more than one Airtel number linked to my name?

How do I know which one is mine? If you have multiple Airtel numbers linked to your name, you can check the SIM card number printed on the back of the SIM card or on the SIM card tray of your phone.

You can also call Airtel customer care to get information about all the Airtel numbers linked to your name.