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How To Get Your Airtel PUK Number In Kenya - 3 ways

How To Get Your Airtel PUK Number In Kenya – 3 ways

This article is about how to Get Your Airtel PUK Number In Kenya. Being locked out of your Airtel SIM card can be a little frustrating. If you find yourself in a situation where your Airtel SIM requires a PUK code, don’t worry.

In this guide we will walk you through simple steps to recover your Airtel PUK in Kenya, so you can quickly regain access to your phone and reconnect with your friends and family. Let’s dive in and find out in no time!

What is a PUK number?

A PUK personal unlock key is an 8-digit number used on SIM cards to reset a personal identification number that has been lost or forgotten.

How to get your Airtel PUK number in Kenya

Get your Airtel PUK number via SMS

  • On your phone’s keypad, dial *100# and then OK
  • From the menu, select option 8: Get PUK
  • Between the two options, select option 1: Own Number
  • Enter the DNI or passport number used to register your line
  • Confirm your ID number or passport details and press OK

Airtel will process your request and if the details entered are correct, you will receive an SMS from Airtel containing the PUK number of your line.

Get your Airtel PUK number on the SIM card package tag

One of the easiest ways to get your PUK number is to check the back of your SIM card.

Here’s a breakdown: First, locate your SIM card. This is usually a small piece of plastic that holds your Airtel SIM. On the back of the SIM card plate you will likely see a section labeled “PUK”, clearly marked for your convenience.

Use your fingernail or a soft tool to scrape away the protective layer over the PUK section.

This will reveal two sets of PUK numbers. Once the numbers are revealed, type the PUK number that corresponds to the SIM card you are trying to unlock.

This PUK number will help you regain access to your blocked SIM card.

Get Airtel PUK number for another Airtel number via SMS

  • Dial *100# on the phone keypad and press OK. A menu will be completed
  • Select option 8: Get PUK from your menu
  • Here, select option 2: Other number
  • Then enter the mobile number of the line requesting the PUK
  • Enter the ID card or passport number used to register the Airtel line
  • Confirm your DNI or passport number details and submit
  • You will receive an SMS from Airtel with the PUK number of the number.

Airtel Customer Care Contacts

Telephone: 0733 100 100 or 100.