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How To Borrow Airtime On Telkom Kenya - simple guide

How To Borrow Airtime On Telkom Kenya – simple guide

This article is about How To Borrow Airtime On Telkom Kenya. Telkom Kenya lets you borrow emergency airtime just like Safaricom‘s Okoa Jahazi. The service called PEWA is available to Telkom prepaid subscribers by dialing *133# on their phone. PEWA was introduced to make it easier to connect with the people you care about when you’re short on airtime and there’s no store nearby.

One good thing about PEWA is the fact that you can request emergency airtime in the middle of a call, meaning when you make a call and realize you’re running low on credit, you can wait and request PEWA and then continue with your call .

How To Borrow Airtime On Telkom Kenya

Telkom PEWA charges

Telkom charges a 10% service fee to process borrowed airtime. For example, if you borrow Ksh 50, you will receive Ksh 45 of airtime.

How to qualify for Telkom Pewa emergency airtime

  1. As I told you before, your Telkom line must have been active for two months.
  2. You must have accumulated usage of Ksh 50 in the last month.
  3. Your main account must have at least Ksh 10

Please note that you can only borrow Ksh 20, Ksh 50 and Ksh 50 of emergency airtime from Telkom Kenya.

How to check your Telkom PEWA balance

You can check your PEWA balance by dialing *131# or texting “131” to “131.”

PEWA rePayment Period

It will have to be refunded within 7 days from the date of disapproval, therefore your Pewa service will be suspended for 14 days.

Please note that PEWA airtime is valid for 30 days.