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How To Pay NHIF Penalty Through Mpesa

How To Pay NHIF Penalty Through Mpesa – 6 easy steps

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:47 pm

This article is a simple guide on how to pay NHIF penalty through Mpesa.

  • Having NHIF insurance in Kenya is one of the most important things you will do in your life.

For example, when admitted to a hospital, a member of the NHIF provides services and the hospital then applies for reimbursement from the Fund, which can save your life only in case of damage.

By the way, NHIF does not eliminate any diseases.

Sometimes you can forget to pay your NHIF monthly if you are self-employed and incur a penalty of Ksh 250.

This happens when you don’t pay your bill on the 9th of every month. .

Below, we have made a simple guide on how you can pay the fine through Mpesa.

How To Pay NHIF Penalty Through Mpesa

1. Go to Mpesa and click ”Lipa na Mpesa”

2. Enter 200222 as the NHIF business number

3. For account details, enter your national ID number then add letter ”y” at the end i.e ” 32688811y” . This will treat the payment as a penalty.

4. Enter Ksh 250 for every month you have defaulted.

5. Enter your Mpesa PIN

6. You will receive a confirmation message for the payment.

Please note that this is only applicable to self-employed NHIF members.