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How To Replace A Lost NHIF Card

How To Replace A Lost NHIF Card – 5 easy steps

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:49 pm

Here is a step by step guide on how to replace a lost NHIF card.

  • NHIF is a parastatal institute established in 1966.
  • The main mandate of the parapublic organization is to provide affordable, accessible and sustainable health insurance to everyone.
  • It is mandatory that all employers are members of NHIF.

Those in the non-working or unemployed sector can also register with the parastatal and will be required to pay Ksh 500 per month.

Registration as an NHIF member can be done online through the NHIF Self Care Portal, an online platform that provides easy access to all the services offered by the parastatal.

Once you are registered with NHIF, you will be issued an NHIF membership card.

The card will be processed after 14 working days.

It can be picked up at your nearest NHIF office or Huduma Center.

If the access to the card is lost or damaged, you can easily replace it by visiting any NHIF office or Huduma Center.

There are many NHIF offices and Huduma centers in major cities across the country.

You can visit the nearest branch.

How To Replace A Lost NHIF Card

1. Go to any National Bank, Equity Bank, Co-operative Bank or Equity Bank and make a payment of Kshs 100. This is the fee charged for replacing a lost NHIF card.

2. Ensure you inform the bank teller that you are paying for a card replacement.

3. You will be issued a bank slip after successfully making the payment.

4. Once you have paid, take the banking slip to any NHIF branch or Huduma Centre near you.

5. A new card will be printed for you instantly upon presentation of the banking slip.


The following are the necessary requirements for the replacement of a lost card.

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card.
  • Kshs 100, which is the fee charged.