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Ruai Family Hospital Maternity Charges

Ruai Family Hospital Maternity Charges

This article is about RFH Ruai Family Hospital Maternity Charges. It is a private hospital located along Kangundo Road opposite Ruai Mosque.

This hospital has been operating since September 11, 2011.

With over 5,000 deliveries to date, Ruai Hospital has established itself as one of the best hospitals in Nairobi.

Other medical services offered at NHIF approved facilities include imaging, dialysis, physiotherapy, optical, dental, major and minor surgery, general consultation, specialist consultation, hospital, ambulance, laboratory and services patients.

Ruai Family Hospital Maternity Charges

1. Common midwifery delivery package

Cost: KSh40,000

This package is designed for moms who don’t need a vet.

That means:

  • Childbirth (delivery room and nursing fees)
  • Bed for up to 2 days for mother and child activities and fashion
  • Primary vaccination for BCG and polio.

2. Gynecology delivery package

Cost: Kshs 60,000

This package includes one normal delivery and one study by a medical doctor.

3. Private Normal Delivery Package

Cost: KSh40,000

This package is intended for patients who have their own doctor. That amount excludes medical expenses.

4. Cesarean section

Price: Ksh 120,000

That means:

  • Theatre charges
  •  3 days ward stay
  • One day nursery stay
  • Obstetrician ward reviews
  • Paediatrician for the first examination
  • Ward drugs & dressings
  • Initial immunization as per the KEPI schedule

Ruai Family Hospital Contacts

Phone: +254 111 033 800