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how to start a law firm in kenya

how to start a law firm in kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 09:04 pm

This article focuses on the requirements to start a law firm in Kenya. Law is one of the highest paying professions in Kenya, especially if you have established your own law firm.

Most of the lawyers in the country who founded and built their brands earn millions from their law firms.

The legal profession is very broad.

To build and establish your brand effectively, it is wise to choose a practice area.

Some practice areas include;

  • Family law.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Employment law.
  • Intellectual Property Law.
  • Law enforcement.
  • Business Law.

Requirements HOW to start a law firm in Kenya

  1. No objection letter/support letter from Law Society of Kenya (LSK). LSK is the first bar association in Kenya with an all-practicing bar association. You must be a member of the LSK to practice as a lawyer in the High Court of Kenya.
  2. Have a law degree from a recognized university in Kenya.
  3. Hold a law degree from the Kenya School of Law.
  4. Have a certificate of ethics.

How to start a law firm in Kenya

Before you register your law firm, you need to decide where to focus to build your brand quickly.

Here is a guide on how to register a law firm in Kenya.

  1. Register a business. This can be done on the e-city portal. You can register a law firm such as;

(I). Private business. It costs Ksh 1,000.

(ii). Relationship. It costs 25,000 Ksh.

(iii). Overweight. It costs 25,000 Kshs.

  1. Obtain an endorsement/no appeal letter from the Law Society of Kenya.
  2. Register your law firm with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for tax purposes. As a law abiding citizen, you must pay taxes when required.
  3. Select a suitable location to establish a law firm. It should be a place where you can attract customers quickly.