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Licensed Commercial Banks In Kenya

Licensed Commercial Banks In Kenya

This article is about licensed commercial banks in Kenya. A commercial bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and makes investment loans with the goal of making a profit. In Kenya, commercial banks are regulated and licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya.

The Kenya Commercial Bank is the largest bank in Kenya with assets exceeding KShs 714.3 billion.

KCB also enjoys a large customer base with over 15.7 million customers across its 250 branches.

Licensed Commercial Banks In Kenya

Date ​​ Licensed
​​ 1ABSA Bank Kenya1916
​​ 2Access Bank Kenya8th January 1985
​​ 3African Banking Corporation Limited8th December 1994
​​ 4Bank of Africa Kenya Limited30th April 2004
​​ 5Bank of Baroda (K) Limited1st July 1953
​​ 6Bank of India5th June 1953
​​ 7Citibank N.A Kenya1st July 1974
​​ 8Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited18th December 1989
​​ 9Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited1st July 1968
10Credit Bank Limited30th November 1994
11Development Bank of Kenya Limited20th September 1996
12Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited15th November 1994
13DIB Bank Kenya Limited13th April 2017
14Ecobank Kenya Limited16th June 2008
15Equity Bank Kenya Limited28th December 2004
16Family Bank Limited1st May 2007
17First Community Bank Limited​​ 29th April 2008
18Guaranty Trust Bank (K) Ltd13th January 1995
19Guardian Bank Limited20th December 1995
20Gulf African Bank Limited1st November 2007
21Habib Bank A.G Zurich1st July 1978
22I&M Bank Limited27th March 1996
23Kingdom Bank Limited2nd March 2010
24KCB Bank Kenya Limited1st January 1896
25Mayfair CIB Bank Limited​​ 20th June 2017
26Middle East Bank (K) Limited28th November 1980
27M-Oriental Bank Limited8th February 1991
28National Bank of Kenya Limited1st January 1968
29NCBA Bank Kenya PLC5th November 2019
30Paramount Bank Limited5th July 1995
31Prime Bank Limited3rd September 1992
32SBM Bank Kenya Limited1st April 1996
33Sidian Bank Limited23rd March 1999
34Spire Bank Ltd23rd June 1995
35Stanbic Bank Kenya Limited1st June 2008
36Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited1910
37UBA Kenya Bank Limited25th September 2009
38Victoria Commercial Bank Limited11th January 1996