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top 9 Best Conference Venues In Siaya

top 9 Best Conference Venues In Siaya

This article is about the best conference venues in the Siaya County. The area has many modern facilities that provide excellent facilities for conferences and events.

top Best Conference Venues In Siaya

In no particular order, here is a list of the best conference venues in Siaya.

1. Siaya Summit Hotel

Siaya Summit Hotel has a modern atmosphere where beauty and tradition make it a peaceful place away from the noise of city activities.

It prides itself on having modern conference facilities suitable for small and large conferences.

Location: Off the Siaya-Awelo road.

Contact: 0722 550 552.

2. Villa International Palace

Villa International Palace is an executive resort with high-end conference rooms and modern lounges.

Location: Madeya Center.

Contact: 0705 799 133.

3. Distinction Gardens Hote

Distinction Gardens Hotel has a wide range of conference facilities to suit the needs of all guests. This is a beautiful hotel with modern conference facilities.

Location: Siaya City.

Contact: 0725 111 888.

4. Siaya County Club

Siaya County Conference Center is ideal for all your meeting and conference needs. It offers world class conference facilities at best rates. Location: Near Siaya-Rangala road.

Contact: 0717 202 872.

5. Namsagali Garden and Hall

The center is located in a quiet area that provides an ideal environment for holding meetings, conferences, seminars, training and private events.

Location: Siaya-Kobare.

Contact: 0733 483 977.

6. Dhe Jomels Hotel

Dhe Jomels Hotel is a high-end hotel that offers modern conference facilities at the best rates without compromising on the level and quality of products and services.

Location: Rabanga Road, next to CDF office, Siaya town.

Contact: 0101 593 442.

7. Bondo Pride Hotel

Bondo Pride Hotel is an outstanding 3-star hotel that offers the best facilities for seminars, conferences, receptions, swimming pools and weddings that can be set up to suit your needs.

Location: Turn off Bondo town, along Usenge road.

Contact: 0795 945 505/0722 842 063.

8. May Hotel Bondo

May Hotel offers two conference rooms, one accommodating 40-50 people and the other 80-100 people. The rooms are well designed with modern appliances to ensure you have the best experience.

Location: Milimani, Bondo town.

Callers: 0717 896 225/0751 345 775.

9. The Don Annex

Don Annex is a new hotel, which offers modern conference rooms and deluxe rooms at reasonable rates.

Location: Bondo City.

Contact: 0702 419 949.