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NTSA Logbook Transfer Charges

NTSA Logbook Transfer Charges

This article is about NTSA Logbook Transfer Charges. The transfer of ownership of the logbook is a familiar drill all car owners go through once in a while. This especially happens when someone wants to sell their car. However, before you call the car yours, you need to perform a registry transfer which will verify ownership. There are many things involved in the whole process which we will look at today.

First of all, before planning your logbook transfer to Kenya, you need to meet the following requirements;

Application Form – Form “C” must be duly filled by both the seller and the buyer.


(a) For individuals

Copies of:-

-National identity card (DNI) of both the buyer and the seller.

-PIN certificate for both buyer and seller.

(b) For Companies

Copies of:-

-Certificate of incorporation
-PIN certificate for both buyer and seller. (c) For business
-Copies of:-
-Commercial registration certificate
-PIN certificate for both buyer and seller.

Copy of valid insurance coverage
Original logbook (logbook)

  • If the owner is deceased, letters of administration will be attached
  • In case of a write off, the valuation report will be attached
  • In the case of Parastatals, EX GKs and Local Bodies, letter personally signed by the respective permanent secretaries
  • Sales contract: indicates the complete details of the vehicle, i.e. make, chassis number, engine number, etc.
  • If the vehicle is retained for resale, you must notify the registrar within 14 days, otherwise an equal sum will be paid

Here are the rates for transferring the logbook

NTSA Logbook Transfer Charges

Not Exceeding 1000cc1,660/=
1001 – 1200cc1,890/=
1201 – 1500cc2,065/=
1501 – 1700cc2,410/=
1701 – 2000cc2,695/=
2001 – 2500cc3,845/=
2501 – 3000cc5,055/=
3001 and above5,915/=
A trailer less than four wheels1,030/=
A trailer with four wheels or more1,890/=

ntsa contacts

Location: 316 Upper Hill Chambers, 2nd Ngong Avenue, Nairobi ;

Postal address: P.O Box 3602 -00506, Nairobi

NTSA Customer care on 0709 932 300