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Samburu National Reserve - entry fees, ACCOMMODATION, location

Samburu National Reserve – entry fees, ACCOMMODATION, location

This article is about Samburu National Reserve. We tell you everything you need to know about Samburu National Reserve from entry fees to its location. And if you plan to spend a number of days, we got you covered with accommodation details. This national reserve is one of the fun places you can visit in Kenya.

What’s the Buzz About Samburu National Reserve?

Let’s take a journey up north in Kenya, where the sun shines bright, and the land is all rugged and untamed. That’s the Samburu National Reserve for you, the cool, off-the-grid cousin of Kenya’s more famous safari destinations. Spread across about 165 square kilometers in Samburu, this place isn’t your average wildlife hangout. It’s got a dramatic landscape, some super unique wildlife, and a big scoop of local culture. Samburu is like a hidden treasure chest, and we’re about to unlock it.

Exploring Samburu’s Rugged Beauty

  • Wild and Rugged: The landscape in Samburu is like nature’s obstacle course. Rocky hills, dry riverbeds, and wide-open plains make up the scenery. But the real star is the Ewaso Ng’iro River, a lifeline that keeps the reserve buzzing with life.
  • Ewaso Ng’iro River: This river is the pulse of Samburu. It’s where the wild crowd gathers for a drink and creates lush pockets of green in the midst of the dry, desert-like land.

The Fantastic Residents of Samburu

  • The Samburu Special Five: Forget about the usual animal suspects. Samburu has its own gang – the “Samburu Special Five.” These critters are unique to this place and include the Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, Beisa oryx (fancy antelope), and the gerenuk (the long-necked antelope).
  • The Big Celebs and Avian Stars: Of course, you’ll find the “Big Five” here – lions, leopards, buffalos, rhinos, and elephants. But Samburu has its extra dazzle with over 450 bird species, from the flashiest feathered show-offs to the ones that mean business.

Cultural Connections

  • Meet the Samburu Tribe: Samburu isn’t just about animals; it’s also the territory of the Samburu people. They’ve got a culture that’s colorful and unique. You can hang out with them, groove to their traditional dances, and get a taste of their way of life.

Safari Thrills and Extra Fun

  • Wildlife Road Trips: Going on game drives in Samburu is like being in a real-life Nat Geo show. Experts drive you around, sharing animal gossip and insider info.
  • Hump Day, Literally: Samburu is one of the few places in Kenya where you can hop on a camel and go on a safari adventure. Yep, it’s a camel safari, and it’s as cool as it sounds.

Keeping It Wild and Real

  • Community Love: Samburu National Reserve is all about making friends with the locals. They’re working together with the Samburu community to keep nature happy and everyone coexisting in harmony.

When to Rock Samburu

  • Dry Times: The wild show is at its peak during the dry season, from June to October. The animals gather around the river like it’s a hot spot, making them easy to spot.

Visiting Tips

  • Safari Essentials: Pack your camera, binoculars, sunscreen, and comfy clothes for those hot days and chilly nights.
  • Respect the Wild: Keep a polite distance from the animals. Remember, they’re the celebs, and we’re just here for the show.

samburu national reserve entry fees

Samburu National Reserve (Samburu County ~ Main Entrance Archer’s Gate) Applicable 2023 ~2024

AdultUS$ 70Kes 1,000Kes 500
Child***US$ 40Kes ***Kes ***
Student****US$ **Kes ***Kes ***

For more details on entry fees, camping and accomodation, go to

In a Nutshell

Samburu National Reserve is Kenya’s best-kept secret, where the wild rocks, and nature gets real. You won’t find landscapes like this in the glossy brochures, and the “Samburu Special Five” are the cool cats of this reserve. But it’s not just about animals; the local Samburu tribe adds a dose of culture that’s the cherry on top of this wild safari adventure. Samburu is Kenya’s secret handshake, and once you’ve been, you’re part of the club. It’s like stepping into the heart of Africa’s wild side and leaving with stories to tell for a lifetime. So, why not dive deep into the wilderness of Samburu and discover this hidden treasure chest for yourself?


What is Samburu National Reserve famous for?

abundance in rare northern specialist species such as the

  • Grevy Zebra,
  • Somali Ostrich,
  • Reticulated Giraffe,
  • Gerenuk and the
  • Beisa Oryx

How do I get to Samburu National Reserve?

  • Daily flights to and from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport – flights are offered Safarilink and AirKenya.
  • Entry Gates to Samburu national reserve are Archer’s Gate, West Gate, Kalama Gate, Uaso Bridge Gate and Central Airstrip Gate

where is Samburu National Park located?

Samburu district