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top 10 best Chinese language schools in Kenya

top 10 best Chinese language schools in Kenya

Here is a list of the top 10 best Chinese language schools in Kenya. Learning Chinese is the best thing a person can do.

This language has grown in popularity in Kenya and continues to open up unlimited opportunities, especially for those working in business, international relations, and diplomacy.

best Chinese language schools in Kenya

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Chinese language schools in Kenya

1. The Language school in Kenya

The language school offers Chinese lessons for beginners. It offers short, full-time and customized Chinese courses in Nairobi.

Location: Chania Avenue, near Adlife Plaza, Kilimani, Nairobi.

Contact: 0703 228 840.

2. Confucius Institute – University of Nairobi

The school is located at the University of Nairobi. It is a company whose mission is to help people around the world learn the Chinese language and Chinese culture. Feeding takes place in January, May and September. Contact: 020 491 8017.

3. Kenyatta Institute Confucius Institute

The school was established in December 2008 as a partnership between Kenyatta University, Shandong Normal University and the Confucius Institute Headquarters in China. It offers a variety of Chinese language programs and short courses.

Contact: 020 8710 901/2/3.

4. Discovery Chinese Cultural Center

It is a Chinese language and culture training company with extensive experience in teaching Chinese language and culture. The center has been able to prepare more than 500 students with Chinese language skills and prepare them for the Chinese National Examination.

Location: Koinange Street, Rattansi Educational Trust Building, 4th Floor.

Callers: 0724 875 317/ 0773 501 985.

5. The Language Center

A language center is a language school whose purpose is to teach languages, and promote friendship between people from different cultures. It offers Chinese lessons and other training programs.

Location: Ndemi Close, Off Ngong Road.

Contact: 0721 495 774/020 264 1616.

6. Kenya Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and Professional Studies

The school is Kenya’s first college for learning all languages. He has more than 15 years of experience in foreign language training and professional studies.

Location: Kenda House, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi.

Contact: 0710 462 063.

7. Oracle Language Center

The Oracle Language Center offers a variety of language courses, from basic to advanced. It offers Chinese lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Location: Fair Acres Road, Karen.

Contact: 0736 496 025/0701 707 001.

8. Confucius Institute – Moi University

It is a Chinese language and culture training center in Eldoret. It offers a variety of Chinese language, Chinese culture and educational courses at affordable prices.

Contact: 0740 924 534.

9. ACK Language and Orientation School

Ack Language & Orientation School is the oldest and largest language school in Kenya. It offers training programs in Chinese, with flexible learning methods to suit the needs of students.

Location: Bishops Road, opposite NSSF building.

Contact: 020 272 1893/0718 233 085.

10. Erdemann Chinese School

Erdemann Chinese School is the first Chinese international school in Kenya. This is a full-time elementary school offering Chinese and martial arts classes.

Location: Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa.

Contact: 0791 839 963.