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Licensed Motor Assessors In Kenya

Licensed Motor Assessors In Kenya

This article is about licensed motor assessors in Kenya. These are companies that provide car claims analysis, pricing and negotiations on behalf of insurers, insureds or other interested parties.

In Kenya, car inspectors are licensed and regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA).

Licensed Motor Assessors In Kenya

No. Name Registration No.
1 Alben Auto Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/209/2023
2 Alfajiri Assessors & Valuers Ltd IRA/13/283/2023
3 Amimotor Loss Assessors IRA/13/088/2023
4 Arc Assessors Limited IRA/13/028/2023
5 Auto Star Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/110/2023
6 Autochem Accident Assessors IRA/13/296/2023
7 Autocraft Motor Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/260/2023
8 Auto-Exclusive Insurance Consultants And Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/191/2023
9 Autofix Motor Assessor And Valuer Ltd IRA/13/198/2023
10 Autohub Motor Assessors & Valuers Ltd IRA/13/254/2023
11 Autoscan Motor Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/111/2023
12 Autoscope Motor Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/094/2023
13 Autotech Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/106/2023
14 Bentech Motor Assessors IRA/13/025/2023
15 Best Image Automobile Assessors Limited IRA/13/068/2023
16 Beta Motor Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/135/2023
17 Bootlight Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/289/2023
18 Bright Loss Assessors (K) IRA/13/060/2023
19 Brijack Assessors Limited IRA/13/144/2023
20 Budget Automobile Assessors Limited IRA/13/119/2023
21 Capital Alliance Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/128/2023
22 Charleon Automobile Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/200/2023
23 City Adjusters & Assessors Limited IRA/13/070/2023
24 Cleva Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/228/2023
25 Coaches Auto Assessors Limited IRA/13/266/2023
26 Coast Accident And General Investigation Limited IRA/13/023/2023
27 Coslid Insurance Assessors IRA/13/072/2023
28 Danfield Motor-Tech Loss Assessors 1996 IRA/13/032/2023
29 Dante Assessors IRA/13/297/2023
30 Definite Automobile Valuers And Assessors IRA/13/274/2023
31 Delit Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/306/2023
32 Diplomatic Accident Assessors IRA/13/044/2023
33 Directive Motor Assessors IRA/13/152/2023
34 Discovery Auto Assessors IRA/13/142/2023
35 Eezy Valuers & Assessors IRA/13/232/2023
36 Eliste Auto Solutions Limited IRA/13/192/2023
37 Elite Automobilem Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/071/2023
38 Enigma Assessors IRA/13/079/2023
39 Epitome Loss Assessors And Valuers Ltd IRA/13/249/2023
40 Excel Motor Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/238/2023
41 Expert Loss Assessors Limited IRA/13/096/2023
42 Explore Auto Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/120/2023
43 Express Auto Assessors Limited IRA/13/013/2023
44 Faulu Motor Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/148/2023
45 Fine-Line Motor Assessors IRA/13/036/2023
46 Flexible Auto Valuers & Assessors Limited IRA/13/282/2023
47 Forensic Auto Assessors IRA/13/197/2023
48 Fortnox Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/299/2023
49 Franksmith Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/264/2023
50 Franktech Motor Assessors & Valuers IRA/13/206/2023
51 Garicorp Limited IRA/13/262/2023
52 Genava Automobile Valuers Limited IRA/13/083/2023
53 Geo-Sat Auto Valuers Limited IRA/13/265/2023
54 Gibeontech Loss Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/263/2023
55 Goldrock Assessors And Loss Adjusters Limited IRA/13/166/2023
56 Gradient Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/116/2023
57 High Tech Motor Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/203/2023
58 Hossaro Assessors IRA/13/029/2023
59 Ideal Automobile Valuers & Assessors Limited IRA/13/188/2023
60 Index Assessment & Insurance Investigations Limited IRA/13/069/2023
61 Instep Loss Assessors Limited IRA/13/019/2023
62 Inter County Accident Assessors Limited IRA/13/057/2023
63 Intergrated Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/006/2023
64 Intermediate Motor Assessors IRA/13/244/2023
65 Karconsult Assessors IRA/13/016/2023
66 Kennet Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/288/2023
67 Kenya Loss Assessors And Surveyors Limited IRA/13/034/2023
68 Kenya Pride Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/123/2023
69 Kevo Motor Valuer & Assessor Limited IRA/13/216/2023
70 Kibmat Loss Assessors (E.A.) Limited IRA/13/040/2023
71 Latent Motor Assesors & Valuers Limited IRA/13/103/2023
72 Leon Investigators And Assessors Limited IRA/13/304/2023
73 Leone Motor & Risk Assessors Limited IRA/13/101/2023
74 Links Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/114/2023
75 Loch Automobile Valuers And Assessors IRA/13/285/2023
76 Maestrom Motor Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/214/2023
77 Maka Automotive Works And Assessors IRA/13/037/2023
78 Mararo Autoassessors Limited IRA/13/048/2023
79 Maroon Loss Assessors Limited IRA/13/204/2023
80 Master Assessors And Engineering IRA/13/056/2023
81 Mema Auto Assessors Limited IRA/13/278/2023
82 Metropolitan Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/150/2023
83 Midlane Assessors IRA/13/102/2023
84 Motech Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/053/2023
85 Motordeft Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/298/2023
86 Motorzone  Assessors Limited IRA/13/133/2023
87 Mudsa Engineering Enterprises IRA/13/286/2023
88 Ned Motor Consultants Limited IRA/13/294/2023
89 Nimbles Motor Assessors & Valuers Ltd IRA/13/207/2023
90 Nyaola Motor Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/221/2023
91 Olive Technical Services Limited IRA/13/242/2023
92 On The Spot Investigations Limited IRA/13/046/2023
93 Orient Motor Loss Assessors And Valuer IRA/13/201/2023
94 Oriswatch Auto Assessor IRA/13/205/2023
95 Pamtech Loss Assessors IRA/13/258/2023
96 Paramount Assessors Limited IRA/13/052/2023
97 Piranha Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/141/2023
98 Polams Valuers & Assessors Company Limited IRA/13/303/2023
99 Pragma-Tech Auto Assessor’s Limited IRA/13/038/2023
100 Prima Motor Assessors IRA/13/003/2023
101 Prime Accident Asmsessors Limited IRA/13/066/2023
102 Primedots Assessors IRA/13/089/2023
103 Primetime Assessors & Valuers Limited IRA/13/291/2023
104 Quality Motor Consultants IRA/13/007/2023
105 Quanta Three Sixty Ltd IRA/13/301/2023
106 Quantum Motor Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/217/2023
107 Quest Technical Consultants And Assessors IRA/13/027/2023
108 Quickmotor Assessors And Valuers Ltd IRA/13/257/2023
109 Rally Motors Assessors IRA/13/061/2023
110 Real Motor Assessors Limited IRA/13/145/2023
111 Reflex Insurance Assessors And Investigators Ltd IRA/13/109/2023
112 Regent Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/024/2023
113 Reliance Auto Consultants And Assessors IRA/13/176/2023
114 Renwin Auto Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/231/2023
115 Renze Investigators & Assessors IRA/13/202/2023
116 Resolute Assessors And Valuers IRA/13/243/2023
117 Royal Automotion Assessors Limited IRA/13/261/2023
118 Royalty Accident Assessors Limited IRA/13/250/2023
119 Safety Surveyors Limited IRA/13/051/2023
120 Schutz Motor Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/235/2023
121 Sherwin Associates IRA/13/035/2023
122 Solvit Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/224/2023
123 Sovereign Motor Assessors & Valuers Limited IRA/13/138/2023
124 Starlight Motor Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/241/2023
125 Steering Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/021/2023
126 Storm Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/225/2023
127 Techgas Limited IRA/13/302/2023
128 Texus Automobile Assessors IRA/13/045/2023
129 Tez Auto Valuers Limited IRA/13/305/2023
130 The Automobile Association Of Kenya IRA/13/039/2023
131 Tight End Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/293/2023
132 Timings Auto Assessors IRA/13/097/2023
133 Top Cover Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/268/2023
134 Top Notch Valuers And Assessors IRA/13/237/2023
135 Tracking Hub Limited IRA/13/269/2023
136 Ukumbi Motor Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/115/2023
137 Union Assessors And Contractors Limited IRA/13/210/2023
138 Unitech Accident Assessors Ltd IRA/13/300/2023
139 Universal Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/155/2023
140 Uptown Loss Assessors (K) Limited IRA/13/031/2023
141 Valett Loss Assessors IRA/13/076/2023
142 Vetech Motor Valuers Limited IRA/13/099/2023
143 Vision Motor Consultants Limited IRA/13/005/2023
144 Voima Motor Consultants Limited IRA/13/279/2023
145 Wheels Automobile Valuers And Assessors Limited IRA/13/073/2023
146 World Global Automobile Assessors Limited IRA/13/012/2023
147 Xenon Auto Assessors And Valuers Limited IRA/13/160/2023
148 Yamamoto Loss Assessors IRA/13/050/2023
149 Zed Automobile Valuers & Assessors Limited IRA/13/113/2023

Insurance Regulatory Authority Contacts

Call: 0719 047 000, 0727 563 110


Head Office: Zep- Re Place Longonot Road – Upper Hill, Nairobi