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top 10 Best Maternity Hospitals In Kirinyaga County

top 10 Best Maternity Hospitals In Kirinyaga County

This article is about top 10 Best Maternity Hospitals In Kirinyaga County. The list focuses on public and private hospitals that offer affordable maternity packages for normal births and C-sections.

Best Maternity Hospitals In Kirinyaga County

In no particular order, here is a list of the best maternity hospitals in Kirinyaga County.

Kagio Nursing Home

It is a private care home offering free maternity services under the NHIF approved Linda Mama Scheme.

Location: along the Kagio-Sagana road

Contact: 0722 397 741

Kerugoya County Referral Hospital

It is a Level 5 government hospital offering affordable and reliable medical services such as maternity care, family planning, pharmacy, physiotherapy, surgery, radiology, dental and optical care.

Location: Kerugoya town

ACK Hospital Mount Kenya

The hospital is owned by a religious organization which ensures that the hospital effectively provides affordable inpatient and outpatient medical services such as maternity, laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, family planning, physical therapy, major and minor surgeries.

Location: along the Kerugoya-Karatina highway

Contact: 0722 893 833

Karira Missionary Hospital

Location: Karira city

Contact: 0737 801 707

Quintet Hospital

Location: Kutus city, near Kirinyaga University

Contact: 0711 479 333

Mwea Medical Center

It offers free maternity services under the Linda Mama program.

Location: Mwea village

Contact: 0710 632 041

Kerugoya Medical Center

Location: Kibingo, along the Kerugoya-Karatina road

Contact: 0715 687 419

Kerugoya Catholic Center

The health center is owned by a religious organization. It offers free maternity services under the Linda Mama program.

Ngurubani Medical Services

It is a private center approved by NHIF to offer free maternity services.

Location: Ngurubani village

Our Lady of Lourdes Mwea Hospital

The hospital offers affordable and reliable maternal packages for normal delivery and caesarean section.

Location: Ngurubani

Contact: 0202 032 382