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top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Kirinyaga County

top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Kirinyaga County

This article is about some of the top 10 best private hospitals in Kirinyaga county. It is one of the counties that are part of the eastern circuit of Mount Kenya. The county has an approximate area of ​​1,482 square kilometers. Kirinyaga has both public and private hospitals, some of which offer Linda mama free maternity services for NHIF subscribers.

Best Private Hospitals In Kirinyaga County

In no particular order, we present some of the top private hospitals in Kirinyaga County.

Bliss Kerugoya Medical Center

It offers laboratory services, medical advice, pharmacy, ultrasound, dental and optical care.

Location: Professional Building, Kerugoya City

Contacts: +254 780 100 926

Mwea County Medical Center

Location: Thiba, Mwea

contacts: 0715 165 498

Kerugoya Medical Center

It offers quality, affordable inpatient and outpatient medical services in radiology and imaging, pharmacy, emergency room, cardiology, nutrition, counseling, surgery, and vaccinations.

Location: Kibingo, along the Kerugoya-Karatina highway.

contacts: 0715 687 419

ACK Mount Kenya Hospital

It offers both inpatient and outpatient services, general medical visits, laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, physiotherapy and radiological services.

Location: along the Kerugoya-Karatina road

contacts: 0722 893 833

Karira Missionary Hospital

Location: Karira, near Kirinyaga city

Contacts: 0722 260 748/

Mwea Medical Center

It offers laboratory services, pharmacy, basic first aid, vaccinations, prenatal care and maternity services.

Location: Mwea

contacts: 0710 632 041

Kagio Nursing Home

It offers quality medicines 24 hours a day.

Location: along the Kagio-Sagana road

contacts: 0722 397 741

Our Lady Of Lourdes Mwea Hospital

It offers quality medical services in laboratory diagnosis, radiology and imaging, pharmacy, physiotherapy, surgical operations and general medical consultations.

Location: Ngurubani

Contacts: +254 0202 032 382

Quintet Hospital

Location: Kutus, next to Kirinyaga University

contacts: 0711 479 333

Whiterose Medical Center

Location: Mwea

contacts: 0722 574 153