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how to replace a lost kenyan passport

how to replace a lost kenyan passport

This article is about how to replace a lost Kenyan passport. It is a simple step by step guide. You can now apply, renew or replace and pay for your passport online. We already have an article covering the e-passport application process, fees and important information you need to apply for a passport in Kenya. This post is about the requirements of replacing a lost Kenyan passport and how to go about replacement.

how to replace a lost kenyan passport

step 1: login to ecitizen:

First, the applicant must start by registering at, this is an online government platform where one can access government services including passport applications.

step 2: fill e-passport application form:

Second, those who have entered, go to the immigration service section, click on the e-passport application form and fill it.

step 3: choose passport owner:

Choose either the passport owner, it can either be yourself or your child.

step 4: choose passport type:

Choose the passport type, it can either be ordinary or diplomatic.

step 5: choose passport application type:

Choose the passport application type, it can either be mutilated passport or lost passport. In this case, choose lost passport option

step 6: make payment:

Complete by filling out, select a payment method and pay your bill. You can check the amount you need to pay here

step 7: verify details:

Then download your application form and check that all the details given are correct before printing it. And

step 8: submit forms to immigration department

Finally, print the downloaded application form along with 3 payment receipts and relevant documents, submit them to the nearest immigration department/center or the nearest Huduma center for further processing.

Requirements for replacement of lost kenyan passport

  • Duly completed application form 19 and 2 payment invoices
  • Applicant’s original national identity card and one copy for adults
  • A copy of the national identity card of the recommender/sponsor
  • Consent form for children
  • And any other additional documents that may be required
  • Payment of prescribed charge

charges for replacing a lost kenyan passport

Type of Passport/Applicationumber of pages Number of pages Amount
1 Ordinary passports A Series (34 Pages) Kes. 4,550.00
B Series (50 pages) Kes. 6,050.00
C Series (66 pages) Kes. 7,550.00
2 Diplomatic passports Kes 7,550.00
3 Mutilated passport Ksh. 10,050.00
4 Lost passports Kes. 12,050.00
5 Certificate of Identity (for Foreigners) Kes 3,050.00
6 Temporary permit Kes. 350

For more information or clarification, contact the Department of Immigration.


Phone contacts: +254 110-923422, +254 110-923423