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how to replace a lost kenyan passport

how to replace a lost kenyan passport

This article is about how to replace a lost Kenyan passport. It is a simple step by step guide. You can now apply, renew or replace and pay for your passport online. We already have an article covering the e-passport application process, fees and important information you need to apply for a passport in Kenya. This post is about the requirements of replacing a lost Kenyan passport and how to go about replacement.

how to replace a lost kenyan passport

step 1: login to ecitizen:

First, the applicant must start by registering at, this is an online government platform where one can access government services including passport applications.

step 2: fill e-passport application form:

Second, those who have entered, go to the immigration service section, click on the e-passport application form and fill it.

step 3: choose passport owner:

Choose either the passport owner, it can either be yourself or your child.

step 4: choose passport type:

Choose the passport type, it can either be ordinary or diplomatic.

step 5: choose passport application type:

Choose the passport application type, it can either be mutilated passport or lost passport. In this case, choose lost passport option

step 6: make payment:

Complete by filling out, select a payment method and pay your bill. You can check the amount you need to pay here

step 7: verify details:

Then download your application form and check that all the details given are correct before printing it. And

step 8: submit forms to immigration department

Finally, print the downloaded application form along with 3 payment receipts and relevant documents, submit them to the nearest immigration department/center or the nearest Huduma center for further processing.

Requirements for replacement of lost kenyan passport

  • Duly completed application form 19 and 2 payment invoices
  • Applicant’s original national identity card and one copy for adults
  • A copy of the national identity card of the recommender/sponsor
  • Consent form for children
  • And any other additional documents that may be required
  • Payment of prescribed charge

charges for replacing a lost kenyan passport

Type of Passport/Applicationumber of pagesNumber of pagesAmount
1Ordinary passportsA Series (34 Pages)Kes. 4,550.00
B Series (50 pages)Kes. 6,050.00
C Series (66 pages)Kes. 7,550.00
2Diplomatic passportsKes 7,550.00
3Mutilated passportKsh. 10,050.00
4Lost passportsKes. 12,050.00
5Certificate of Identity (for Foreigners)Kes 3,050.00
6Temporary permitKes. 350

For more information or clarification, contact the Department of Immigration.


Phone contacts: +254 110-923422, +254 110-923423