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top 10 best private hospitals in Samburu county

top 10 best private hospitals in Samburu county

This article is about the top 10 best private hospitals in Samburu county. This region is located in the former Rift Valley region. It covers an area of ​​about 21,000 square kilometers, its capital and largest city is Maralal.

best private hospitals in Samburu county

In no particular order, this is a list of the top 10 private hospitals in Samburu County. 

1. Wamba Catholic Hospital

It is a Tier 3 hospital that provides quality and affordable preventive, supportive and treatment services to the residents of Samburu County and beyond. 

Location: Wamba Town

Contact information: 0720 291 811

2. County Medicare Ltd.

Location: Maralal Town

Contact information: 0720 377 741

3. Bliss Maralal Medical Center

It offers laboratory, general examination and treatment, pharmacy and ultrasound services.

Location: Star Building, Opposite Kenya Power, Maralal Town

Contact information: +254 780 442 960

4. Maralal Medical Clinic

This is a small private clinic that provides health care and first aid services to the people of Samburu area.

Location: Maralal Town

Contact information: 0720 901 264

5. Reliance Medical Clinic

It offers laboratory services, pharmacy, physiotherapy and general health advice.

Location: Freduni Plaza, opposite Kenya Commercial Bank, Maralal Town. 

6. South Horr Catholic Health Center

It offers diagnostic tests and laboratory tests, maternity services, pharmacy, x-ray, medical advice and counseling.

Location: South Horr Town

7. Community Medical and Laboratory Services Clinic

It is a private hospital that is responsible for research and laboratory testing, pharmacy and consulting services. 

Location: Maralal Village near Mount Nyiro

8. Al Arbrar Medical Clinic

Location: Next to Waka port in Maralal town

Contact information: +254 720 468 836

9. Alpha Hospital

It provides health care and counseling services.

Location: Near Chief Office, Maralal Town

10. Namelok Medical Hospital

It provides family planning services, treatment and general medicine examination, laboratory examination and pharmacy.

Location: Opposite Equity Bank, Maralal Town