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top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Siaya County

top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Siaya County

This article is about some of the top 10 best private hospitals in Siaya County. It is one of the counties of the former Nyanza province. The county health sector is managed by an executive committee charged with promoting and participating in the delivery of high quality, equitable and accessible integrated curative, preventive and rehabilitative services to all. Siaya county has public and private hospitals that offer maternity services some of which are under Linda mama NHIF free maternity program.

Best Private Hospitals In Siaya County

In no particular order, we present you some of the top 10 private hospitals in Siaya County.

1. Bliss Bondo Medical Center

It offers laboratory services, consultation of doctors, pharmacy, X -rays, optical and dental services.

Position: Azim Building, Bondo Town

Contacts: +254 0780 622 552

2. Owens Nursing and Maternity Home

It offers inpatient and outpatient general care services, laboratory diagnostics, physician consultations, maternity services, and family planning.

Location: Along Bondo Barkowino Road

3. Bondo Medical Center

It offers maternal and child health, family planning, ophthalmology, dental services, pharmaceutical services, and diagnostic laboratory services.

Location: along the Bondo-Usenge road, Bondo town

Contacts: 0716 968 911/

4. Sagam Community Hospital

Location: along the Luanda-Siaya road

contacts: 0722 510 346

5. inuka hospital

It offers general medical services and consultations.

Location: Madeya Market Center, next to the VIP hotel

Contacts: +254 717 197 349

6. Royal Grandmed Hospital

It offers general hospital and outpatient services, laboratory tests, pharmaceutical services, dental services and physiotherapy.

Location: Sega City

7. Rang’ala Mission Hospital

Location: along Kisumu-Busia Road, next to Ugunja market

Contacts: 0722 586 969/ 0786 555 532

8. Dolphil Maternity and nursing Home

It offers general medical consultations, pharmacy, maternity and family planning services.

Location: Rabuor, Luanda-Siaya Road

Contacts: 0722 683 523

9. bama hospital

Location: along the Luanda-Siaya road, Siaya town

Contacts: 0713 989 294

10. Nyandwela Medical Clinic

Location: Nyang’oma

Contacts: 0721 749 636