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top 10 best Things To Sell To University Students In Kenya

top 10 best Things To Sell To University Students In Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:51 pm

This article is about top 10 best Things To Sell To University Students In Kenya.

  • Kenya has 22 public universities, 14 private universities and 13 chartered universities.
  • These universities have created job opportunities for many people.

They have also been instrumental in developing many businesses within or on campus, either run by university students or the public.

best Things To Sell To University Students In Kenya

Here is a list of things you can sell to university students in Kenya.

1. Movies

Many university students spend their free time watching movies, especially on weekends.

You can create a movie store with a collection of the latest movies and series. It is a lucrative business that can bring you continuous income.

2. Paper materials

The university is an institution of higher learning that also requires students to have necessary equipment such as pencils, books, folders, stationery, envelopes, stationery, rulers, etc.

You can set up a school that has everything you need for excellence.

3. Clothes

Many college students are known as fashion lovers.

You can sell second hand clothes easily for students. You can get nice second hand or “mtumba” clothes at the famous Gikomba market at very cheap prices.

You can make a fortune selling such clothes, especially women’s clothes because women are known to buy clothes regularly unlike men.

4. Electronics and appliances

Students love electronics, especially music systems and cell phones.

Other electronics and gadgets you can sell to college students include tin boxes, set-top boxes, flash drives, generators, CDs, DVDs, TVs, and more.

5. Foodstuffs

You can sell food and snacks like bread, mandazis, samosas, chapati, cookies, fresh drinks, boiled eggs, sausages and smokes.

Eggs and smokes are really popular among college students.

You may think that you only sell boiled eggs and smoked sausage/sausage.

It is a very competitive business to be involved in.

So, you need to present your food in a way that attracts students to buy.

6. bundles

It might sound funny, but you can make a fortune out of it.

Many students spend a lot of time on the Internet and are looking for cheaper ways to connect to the Internet than using WiFi.

7. furniture

This focuses on students living off campus or in rented accommodation. You can set up a workshop selling basic items such as beds, tables, chairs, rugs, etc.

8. kitchenware

You can sell utensils and cutlery such as spoons, knives, forks, plates, glasses, teas, etc.

9. beverages

Most college students are over 18 and the majority drink/like to drink, especially when they get the famous HELB breakthrough.

However, before starting this work, you must follow the rules and regulations for creating a wine joint.

The most important thing is to get the license and permission of the relevant authorities.

10. Perfume and makeup

These things are very important for girls in school.

The perfume and makeup business can earn you a lot of money because many women spend every penny to look beautiful and attractive.