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how to register a limited company in kenya

how to register a limited company in kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 09:48 pm

This article focuses on the requirements for registering a limited liability company in Kenya.

A public limited company is a type of company where the liability of the members is limited to what they have pledged to the company or invested.

A corporation may be limited by shares or bonds.

A limited liability company may include a limited liability company and a company with public limited liability.

For a company limited by guarantee, the responsibility lies with its members to contribute to the financing of the debt if the company is insolvent.

Company registrars carry out the registration of companies in Kenya. This is done in accordance with the Companies Act 2015 in Kenya.

The registration process takes about one week. Once the process is complete, the registration form will be available on the citoyen platform for download.

This means that it is necessary to create an account on the country portal.

Here are the requirements to register a limited company in Kenya.

1. Administrator details

Full names of company directors.
Duties of Administrators. Contact details of administrators, including email address, phone number, email address and residential address.
Copy of KRA PIN.

Passport size photo.
Copy of Identity Card/Passport.

2. Company details
  • Recommended company name.
  • The structure of the business.
  • Business center: The required physical address of the business and other contact details such as email and phone number.
  • Principles of association: This defines the rules and regulations that will be necessary to run the business.
  • Company goals: Declaration of Capital Name
  • A type of suspension, which only applies to those who change their business to a public limited company.
3. Documents to be signed by the directors

Legislative Decree.
Form CR1, company registration document. Form CR2, Memorandum of Association Model.
Form CR8, notice of residential address of directors. Form CR14, the document that maintains the name of the company.

4. Entry Certificate.
5. Amount is important

Title search, Kshs 150.
Company Registration, Kshs 10,650.