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top 10 golf courses in Kenya

top 10 Golf courses in Kenya

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Golf is a gentleman’s game and we have prepared a list of top 10 golf courses in Kenya for you. You need to make the right decision owing to the nature of the gentleman’s game.

It is customary for players to respect each other during matches and challenge each other before and after matches.

All officials are expected to oversee the process and ensure that everyone follows the law.

Fan culture also requires respect and discipline from golf fans. If you are a Kenyan who fits this culture and loves golf, I am sure you are wondering what are the top 10 golf clubs in Kenya and your favorite golf course.

Top 10 Golf Courses In Kenya

1. Vipingo Ridge Golf Course

A championship course of 72 holes, with a hole high on the hill with a spectacular view of the beach, this is certainly one of the best courses in the area.

Many people consider Vipingo Ridge as the best golf course in Africa. It is the first PGA-sanctioned golf course in Africa. It is a privilege they carry with pride.

The golf course also has a PGA school that uses cutting-edge technology like the Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor to help train golfers of all ages.

2. Muthaiga Golf Club

Located in Nairobi, this golf club hosts the biggest golf tournament in East Africa, the Kenya Open. The 18-hole golf course designed by Peter Matkovich is undoubtedly the toughest challenge in the area with the steepest elevation.

The location of Muthaiga Golf Club in one of the most expensive and most expensive lands in Africa has made it a rich business, including heads of state.

Wealthy banking groups have found that golf clubs have the financial ability to hire the best trained staff to manage golf at the highest level.

3. Karen Country Club

Located in Nairobi’s most expensive estate, this family-owned golf club sits in the original coffee house built by Danish pioneer Karen Blixen, whose life was featured in the movie ‘Out of Africa’ .

The 18-hole golf course was built to PGA standards. It sits in a tranquil environment with the Ngong Hills as a backdrop. The game of golf has welcomed Kenyan development many times.

He has now been nominated at the World Golf Awards for the award for the best golf course.

4. Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club is located on Kiambu Rd in Nairobi, Ridgeways.

Its favorable location makes it one of the best places to enjoy your weekend golfing. Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club was named Best Golf Hotel in Africa at the inaugural 2014 Golf Travel Awards held in Portugal and featured on CNN News as one of the top ten country golf clubs in the world.

5. Limuru Country Club

This 18 hole golf course is 30 minutes from Nairobi city. It is considered as the most beautiful golf course in Kenya.

Since it has one of the best gallery views in all of Africa.

6. The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort

Perched atop the Mau Escarpment, this 18-hole golf course offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, including lakes and mountains.

Common wildlife at the resort includes flocks of black-capped orioles, Fischer’s lovebirds and Egyptian geese basking in the sun and soaring high above with bats and golfers.

There is an abundance of bird life on the course and true to Kenya’s reputation as the ‘Birthplace of Safari’, visitors will also see the visiting zebra roaming the scenic trails!

The golf course is famous for one of the longest holes in Kenya – the “signature” par 5 – 17 at 598 meters (654 yards)!

7. Sigona Golf Club

Built in 1938, this beautiful golf course located in Kikuyu offers some of the most beautiful fairways in Kenya. The golf club has an 18-hole golf course with a variety of flora and fauna.

8. Nyali Golf Club

If you want to play golf along the coast of Kenya, Nyali Golf Club is one of the best golf courses for it. The Vervet monkey, the club’s mascot, is numerous in the series. So watch out for your golf balls, they like to fly.

9. Leisure Beach Lodge Resort & Golf Resort

Located on the edge of the Indian Ocean, this 18-hole golf course hosts the Diani Beach Masters, Kenya’s largest amateur event. The beautiful view of the Indian Ocean makes it one of the best resorts for a golf holiday.

10.Thika Greens Golf Resort

Thika Greens Golf Resort is an 18 hole and 72 championship golf course that sits on 36 acres of landscaped lawns.

It is located along Thika Road, 45 minutes from Nairobi’s central business district.

This golf course has been operating since 2014 and has undergone great improvements to match the big boys.

top 10 golf courses in Kenya