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best gyms in Nairobi

here’s Top 10 Gyms in Nairobi for you

Last updated on November 14th, 2022 at 12:45 am

Finding a good and affordable gym that meets all your needs is not easy. The growing number of gyms in Nairobi has made the decision even more difficult. That’s why we took time to sample the top 10 Gyms in Nairobi for you.

There are many gyms with different prices, each offering unique benefits and services. Some gyms focus on fitness with lots of modern equipment, while others focus on wellness and offer spa treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, massages, and saunas.

My favorite thing is boxing and MMA gyms focus on building both physical strength and muscle power.

Unfortunately, the few gyms in the city are very expensive and do not offer good value for money.

Other gyms are predatory and make it difficult to cancel your membership.

Top 10 Gyms in Nairobi

1. Ultra-fit fitness

This modern gym, located on Kilimani Road near Adam’s Arcade, offers a variety of services from Muay Thai training and boxing to weight lifting and weight training.

The gym is well known for producing MMA and Bodybuilding champions.

But fear not, the gym also offers exercise services for those who just want to exercise, do aerobics or lose weight. Their daily pass is Kes 500, while their monthly pass is Kes 6000.

2. Colosseum gymnasium

The gym at Adams Arcade prides itself on being the best Muay Thai, boxing and bodybuilding in East Africa.

Colosseum has produced many boxing champions, so if you want to develop your boxing skills or learn boxing, it’s a good place to start. The gym also offers pole dancing lessons at Kes 3000 for a session.

The price gradually drops to Kes 25,000 for 20 sessions, which is Kes 1,250 per session. Dance lessons are also available and are sometimes offered free of charge.

Their gym fees are affordable at Kes 500 per session. This is why Colosseum Fitness is on the list of top ten gyms in Nairobi.

3. CrossFit Kwetu

Located in Gigiri, this is one of the best gyms in Nairobi. The gym is specially designed for CrossFit and offers 2 membership tires: Unlimited CrossFit and Kwetu Express.

CrossFit Unlimited costs Kes 15,950 per month and Kwetu Express costs Kes 9,950. T

he Unlimited level includes access to all classes, including Express plus recovery classes that include massage.

This is the perfect workout for those who want to participate in CrossFit competitions. If you haven’t competed yet, there is an introductory package that costs Kes16,500 for the first month.

There is a PT class included in this package to get you in shape.

4. Firstpower CrossFit

CrossFit is one of the toughest workouts you can do physically and mentally. This makes it one of the best exercises because it is a complete workout.

And First Power CrossFit, located in the Galleria Mall, is one of the best gyms to start your CrossFit journey. The sense of community built by the owners of these gyms makes it easy to work out and motivates you to do even more.

The gym also offers open gym services at a cost of Kes 9,500. Open Gym + CrossFit costs Kes14500, and Open Gym + CrossFit + All Specialty Classes cost Kes18000 per month.

The concept of a city that provides a good gym environment makes it one of the finest gyms.

5. Smart gyms

If fitness and modern equipment are your main focus, then Smart Gyms are your best bet.

They have four locations in Nairobi. They are located at Junction Mall, The Hub – Karen, Southfield Mall, and Diamond Plaza II, and they plan to open more locations across the city.

All members pay a semi-annual or annual subscription. Their monthly cost is Kes 5000, 6 monthly cost is Kes 23,000 and annual cost is Kes 46,000.

They also don’t lock their customers into wild deals and you can cancel your membership and come back at any time unlike some gyms in the city.

This makes their modern, well-equipped and convenient gyms some of the most expensive gyms on my list.

6. Hyat

Located at Wood Avenue Plaza near Yaya Center, this well-equipped gym offers a variety of services at a price of Kes 1,000 per day or Kes 6,000 for a monthly subscription.

Its favorable location makes it the perfect gym for Kilimani residents. The gym offers services for spinning, CrossFit, strength training, weight loss, and aerobics/zumba/yoga.

Their friendly staff is always there to help you with your health and motivate you to keep going.

Although they claim to have CrossFit, this would not be my first choice for CrossFit as there are gyms on this list that are CrossFit certified and specialize in CrossFit training.

7. Urban Fitness

With a monthly fee of Kes 2700 and a day pass at Kes 300, this is the most expensive gym on my list.

And don’t let the low prices fool you, the gym has modern equipment and well-trained staff to help you on your fitness journey.

The gym also organizes many outdoor activities for members who enjoy working out in nature.

8. Alpha Fit

Offering a range of professional fitness classes such as Z6, Bootcamp and HIIT, as well as casual exercises such as stretching, kicking and boxing, the gym located on Ngong Road near Ligi Ndogo is the perfect place to start your fitness journey. . .

However, the gym is expensive and their day pass costs Kes1,000 while their monthly membership is Kes KSh12,000.

9. Fit 4 Life

A gender neutral gym with separate gym spaces for men and women is located at AMCO Crystal Building, Parklands.

The gym offers boxing, boxing, dancing, weight lifting, and strength training.

This is offered at an affordable rate of Kes 6000 and Kes4500 for students per month.

10. Racing Sport

The Sports Complex is located in Upperhill on the ground floor of UAP Towers.

The gym offers two types of people PEAK and OFFPEAK. PEAK is Kes 6,650 per month and OFFPEAK is Kes KSh5,750 per month. OFFPEAK allows you to enter the gym between 9am and 3pm, when the gym expects less traffic.

Apart from the fact that the gym is cheap, there isn’t much to say about the gym.

This concludes the list of top ten gyms in Nairobi. Be sure to try one.