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Estates in Kisumu City

Estates in Kisumu City

This article is about Estates in Kisumu City. Kisumu is Kenya’s third largest city, after Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa. Kisumu City is perceived as one of the oldest settlements in Kenya, with an estimated population of 397,957 people. It is the capital of Kisumu County, led by an elected governor. It is mainly dominated by the Luo community, known for producing some of Kenya’s best intellectuals and academics. KIsumu has very good hotels and schools among world class facilities.

Estates in Kisumu City

Here is a list of all the properties located in the lakeside city, from the leafy suburbs to the informal settlements better known as slums.

Milimani estate

This is one of the best properties in Kisumu, with bungalows and maisonettes in large complexes. It is a low-density residential area that is mainly associated with the rich and powerful of Kisumu.

Mamboleo Farm

It is a middle class farm located along the Kisumu-Kakamega road. It also borders other estates such as Riat, Kibos and Migosi. The estate is home to one of Western Kenya’s largest shopping malls, Lake Basin Mall, which hosts a variety of businesses and services.

Kenya RE

It is one of the most organized developments in Kisumu and boasts a complete shopping mall with almost all businesses located there. Most of the compounds in this estate are gated, making it one of the safest estates in Kisumu. The estate is a stone’s throw from the central business district. Matatus, who manages the property, charges 20 shillings for CBD.

Riat Hills Estate

It is one of the most elegant lakeside estates in the city. The estate is surrounded by villas and bungalows with well-kept gardens. He is mainly associated with businessmen and politicians based in Kisumu. The farm is located along Kisumu Kakamega Road, on the road to Kakamega, just before reaching the Kibos area.


Nyalenda Estate is a slum suburb in Kisumu, home to many informal settlements. The area is dominated by scammers and low-income people. Inadequate access roads and insecurity are some of the major challenges faced by the residents of this farm.

Finca Lolwe

The estate was once a deserted bush before real estate developers arrived to transform the entire area with magnificent buildings. This is a middle class hotel located just one kilometer from the central business district. It is located near Migosi and Kenya Re estate.


This estate is located on a large plot of land that was a public cemetery in the 1980s before its transformation. It’s a middle-class estate with modern buildings that will charge you affordable rent.

Manyatta Summer

The farm is located on Kibos road. It is characterized by houses built with muddy soil, so rent in this estate is quite cheap for low-income people. Insecurity is a major problem in this urbanization due to the numerous informal settlements that house criminals.

Obunga Estate

It is one of the largest slums in Kisumu, with an estimated population of around 20,000 people. It is located in the northwestern part of the city, near the lake. The area is dominated by mud houses and shacks. Sanitation problems and insecurity are the main challenges associated with this slum.

Nyamasaria Estate

The farm is located on the outskirts of Kisumu, on the road to Ahero. It is a property partly dominated by wealthy and low-income people who have built homes built on muddy land.

Tenuta Bandani

This is a middle class property covering the areas around Kisumu International Airport. Rent is affordable on this estate. The only downside is that it’s a bit far from the central business district.

Kondele Farm

The farm is located at the junction of Kisumu-Kakamega Highway and Kibos Road. Kondele Estate is also a confluence of other Kisumu properties which include; Kenya Re, Kings, Manyatta, Mambo Leo, Manyatta and car washes. In recent years the estate has been rocked by violence due to electoral disputes, which have hindered the progressive growth of the potential shopping centre.

Tom Mboya Estate

The farm is located near the Kisumu Kakamega Highway and about 200 meters from Kibuye Market. It is a prosperous estate dominated by bungalows and high-end residential complexes with well-maintained fences. The estate is associated with the rich and powerful of Kisumu.

Finca Migosi

This is an upper-middle class property highly valued for its proximity to the city. The estate extends from Kondele Junction to the neighboring Kenya Re, Carwash and Lolwe estates.