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top 10 suburbs in nairobi

top 10 suburbs in nairobi

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 09:43 pm

Nairobi is one of the best cities in Africa to live. We have prepared a list of top 10 suburbs in Nairobi. These high-end estates have beautiful gardens, lots of entertainment, everything you need, and a nice subtropical climate all year round.

Nairobi’s food and culture is also amazing, and you’ll be delighted to discover art, music, restaurants and nightlife.

Making friends in Nairobi is also easy as Nairobians are very friendly.

All these factors make choosing a place to live difficult. Since many high-end areas in Nairobi offer all the amenities and services you may need.

And because the prices in the Nairobi property market are high, you cannot afford to make a wrong decision.

top 10 suburbs in nairobi

1. Karen Estate

Located 20 kilometers south of the city, it is the most expensive sector in Kenya. It is home to Kenyan political leaders including the President, the Vice President and the Leader of the Opposition among others.

Its location near the Ngong forest keeps the land fresh and wild animals roam the land. Karen also has the most species of birds in Nairobi (Nairobi is the city with the most species of birds in the world), and birdsong can wake up the residents here with birdsong every morning.

The estate has many amenities, including two shopping malls (one with a pool), an 18-hole golf course, some of the most expensive international schools in Africa, Africa’s first water park, museums Antiquities, museums, elephant sanctuaries, sand dunes and race tracks among many others.

It is also home to Giraffe Manor, the most Instagrammed property in the world.

As expected, such a famous building is very secure, with police and private security guards at all times. This area consists of large houses sitting on small ranches with houses costing up to 200,000,000 KShs.

Living in Karen, you won’t miss out on fun things to do, and you and your kids won’t need to leave the house to access worldly amenities. That’s why it’s on my top 10 best places to live in Nairobi.


Located along Kiambu Road, 15 kilometers from Nairobi’s CBD, this building was built to house United Nations delegates and staff.

RUNDA is short for Reserved United Nations Development Zone Protected Area, and it is the most open and protected country in East Africa. 

Nairobi is one of only four cities in the world chosen by the United Nations to host the headquarters of the United Nations, which makes this area very important in international geopolitics.

Although the UN office and many embassies are not in Runda, many Kenyan diplomats and politicians live here, so there is a great deal of power in this small area and many decisions are made.

The impact of international geopolitics is celebrated in this region. This focus has attracted powerful people such as African business leaders and politicians from across Africa.

Amenities in Runda include the largest shopping center in Africa – The Two Rivers Mall, Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, among other things to be expected in a multi-billion dollar home.

Runda is located next to the Karura forest, the largest forest in the country, thus ensuring that the land gets fresh air all the time. This house costs about KSh 150,000,000.

3. Muthaiga Estate

Muthaiga Estate, located just 7 kilometers from Nairobi CBD. It is one of the oldest and most expensive estates in Nairobi. It is often referred to as the Beverly Hills of Nairobi.

Since then, it has been a place of old money and heirs of wealth and power. This is where President Kibaki lives and is home to many ambassadors. Muthaiga is one of the most accessible areas in Nairobi.

From here you can access Thika Highway, RUNDA, Westlands, Nairobi CBD, Gigiri, Lavington and Nairobi Highway. This makes it one of the best places to live.

Some of the amenities of Muthaiga are Muthaiga Golf Club, one of the best and most difficult 18 golf courses in Africa, Windsor Golf Club, Karura Forest and Market Village.

Everything else you would expect from a billionaire’s home is also here. Muthaiga’s location next to the forest ensures that fresh air is always supplied to the land. That is why it is in my Top 10 places to live in Nairobi. House prices in Muthaiga average KSh 180,000,000.

4. Gigiri Estate

Known as the political and international heart of Nairobi, this area is home to UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), UN-Habitat, UNESCO and 22 United Nations headquarters.

It also hosts more than a hundred international embassies, including the United States embassy. Nairobi is one of the four cities in the world chosen by the United Nations to host the headquarters of the United Nations, and all of these headquarters are located in Gigiri.

This makes Gigiri one of the most important areas of international geopolitics. Due to its international importance, security is very strict.

Some of the amenities here are various five-star hotels, an 18-hole golf course, a modern shopping center, and the Karura Forest, among others. Homes here cost an average of KSh150,000,000 with some selling for KSh500,000,000.

5. Rosslyn Estate

Rosslyn Estate is among the most expensive estates in Nairobi (ie Runda, Gigiri, Kitisuru and Nyari). This new development was born out of the need for high-rise buildings and surrounding buildings.

There’s just too much money and not enough homes on the market. The land is close to the United Nations campus and houses the entire UN headquarters and many embassies.

Some of the amenities include the most expensive school in Africa – International School of Kenya, Rosslyn Academy, one of the most expensive shopping malls in Africa – The Village Market Mall, and some 18 holes of golf in restaurant.

The advantage of being located between 4 premium estates is that Rosslyn can also share amenities. The house price here is KSh 180,000,000.

6. Gigiri

Located near Gigiri, this place is popular with diplomats who work at the embassy in Gigiri.

It is a secure section that access to the section is strictly controlled by private security and the police.

The proximity of the land to Gigiri makes him get everything he needs. The house price here is KSh 250,000,000.

7. Kitisuru Division

Being close to Westlands, Kitisuru’s location makes it one of the best places to live.

Its proximity to Nairobi’s businesses, malls, offices and the CBD makes it a convenient location for those working in business in Nairobi.

The property’s proximity to Westlands makes it easy to access everything you need from shops, schools, hospitals and entertainment. This area also has some of the best roads in Nairobi. This house costs about KSh 140,000,000. However, affordable housing can be found in different parts of the country.

8. Westlands

Westlands is one of the wealthiest districts in Nairobi, based on its GDP. If you want to start a business, Westlands is one of the best places in Africa to set it up.

Besides land, Westlands is home to hundreds of different nations, making it one of the best places to live for workers. The area also has arguably the best nightlife in Africa, with clubs and casinos lining its streets.

Westlands has everything from luxury car dealerships such as Porsche to large shopping malls and restaurants. If you live in Westlands, you don’t need to leave the house.

Houses here are expensive with an average price of KSh 100,000,000. Villas are also very expensive here if you are lucky enough to find one on the market.

9. Lavington

Located in Westlands, this is one of the oldest estates in Nairobi. Greenery and fresh air make it one of the most peaceful places to live. Monkeys and birds roam the park freely.

If you appreciate a peaceful environment close to the city’s nightlife, there is no better place than Lavington. Lavington has many excellent international schools, which makes it perfect for raising a family.

These houses are very expensive and can cost up to 500,000,000 KSh.

10. Kileleshwa

With some of the best roads, housing, schools and essential infrastructure in Nairobi, properties in this area have seen a rise in value in recent times.

This popular area in the middle of the century is starting to make money.

The building’s proximity to the best nightlife makes it popular with young people. If you are young and making money, this is the best place to start your life.