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Top 11 best Investment Companies In Kenya

Top 11 best Investment Companies In Kenya

This article is about Top 11 best Investment Companies In Kenya. Investment companies are financial institutions whose business is to invest the money of investors in securities such as securities, debt securities and equity securities. Here is a list of the best investment companies in Kenya.

best Investment Companies In Kenya

1. Centum

Centum is East Africa’s largest investment company listed in Nairobi and the Ugandan Securities Exchange. It is an investment channel that gives investors access to a portfolio of unattainable, quality and diversified investments.

Location: 9th Floor, South Tower, Two Rivers

Contact: +254 709 902 000, +254 20 228 6000


2. Cyton Investments

It is an investment company and company created in 2014. It has offices in Nairobi and Washington, DC. They focus on providing alternative investment options for global corporate investors, high value individual investors, local institutional investors and those who investing in the East African region.

Location: 3rd Floor, Liaison House, State House Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: 254 020 3929 000

3.Olympia Capital Holdings

The company was registered in Kenya in 1970 and listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 1976. Its main investment is in companies that specialize in manufacturing and selling products used in the construction industry.

Location: Off Enterprise Road, Industrial Estate, Nairobi

Contact: +254 020 552 681/2


4. TransCentury

It is a real estate investment company listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, with three divisions operating in 14 countries in East and Central Africa. Functional divisions include infrastructure, infrastructure and engineering.

Location: West End Towers, Waiyaki Way

Contact: +254 710 741 559, +254 734 075 005


5. Africa Home

Home Afrika is an NSE listed investment company focused on property development.

Contacts: +254 716 702 070


6. Kurwitus Vertures

It was a pioneer in the case of his chosen as a coaching supplier to follow the Sharia’s rules. It is listed on the NSE with the aim of attracting Islamic investors to the capital market.

Contact: +254 704 106 948, +254 20 239 9958


7. STANLIB Kenya

Stanlib is a leading investment manager in East Africa dedicated to improving wealth management by providing quality products, quality services and customer satisfaction.

Location: Liberty House, Nyerere Road, Nairobi

Contact: +254 711 076 111


8. Old Mutual Securities Ltd

It is part of UAP Old Mutual, and operates in personal wealth management, group fund management, insurance, securities and other financial services.

Contact: 0702 909 091


9. Apex Africa Capital Ltd

It is one of the leading brokerage houses operating on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, with a range of services including trading, portfolio management, research and corporate finance.

Contact: +254 020 760 2525

10. Ncba Securities Limited

It is the investment arm of NCBA Bank which specializes in trading secondary stocks, securities, bonds, bank debt and corporate shares.

Location: Upper Hill, Nairobi

Contact: +254 711 041 000

11. Faida Investment Bank

Faida is a full-service investment bank offering brokerage services, market and corporate research, managed futures and corporate finance advisory.

Contact: +254 020 76060 263-7