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top 15 profitable business ideas to start with a capital of 2k in kenya

top 15 profitable business ideas to start with a capital of 2k in kenya

This article is about top 15 profitable business ideas to start with a capital of 2k in Kenya.

Hawking Delicious Snacks:

Whip up some tasty snacks or street food like samosas, mandazis, or chapatis. Hit busy spots, and you’ll have peckish customers lining up.

Bodaboda (Bike Taxi) Hustle:

Got a motorbike? Use it for quick rides around your hood or delivering stuff for a few bob.

Freelance Skills:

If you’re good at stuff like writing, design, web work, or social media magic, freelance gigs can earn you cash online or locally.

Splash and Dash Car Wash:

With minimal gear and access to water, you can offer car wash services right in your ‘hood.

Mobile Retail Magic:

Sell cheap and fast-moving goodies, like airtime, basic home stuff, or phone add-ons.

Preloved Fashion Fiesta:

Score secondhand clothes on the cheap and set up shop. You’d be surprised how a small stall can grow.

Street Smarts:

Hawking wares like bottled water, phone charging, or household essentials can pay off. Just pick a busy spot and start selling.

Fresh Farm Fare:

Buy farm-fresh fruits and veggies from local growers and set up a street-side stand or market stall.

Laundry Guru:

Wash and iron clothes for your neighbors. Start with the basics and watch your laundry list grow.

Handmade Crafty Corner:

Crafty skills? Create and sell handmade goodies like jewelry, soaps, candles, or artsy stuff.

Snap Happy Moments:

If you have a camera, offer your photography skills for parties and events in your hood.

Baking Bonanza:

Bake and sell delicious treats like cupcakes, cookies, or homemade snacks to your local pals.

Online Resellin’ Fun:

Buy hot-selling items at a steal and flip ’em online through platforms like Jumia, Kilimall, or on your social media.

Fix It, Ace It:

If you’re handy with fixing gadgets or appliances, offer repair services to your local folks.

Teach What You Know:

Offer tutoring or coaching in subjects or skills you’re great at.

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