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top 10 Best Businesses To Start In Kenya With 500k

top 10 Best Businesses To Start In Kenya With 500k

Last updated on October 12th, 2023 at 08:01 am

This article covers the top 10 best businesses to start in Kenya with 500k.

  • Kes 500,000 is enough money to start some small business that can bring you good profits.

You need to do the right marketing for these companies so that they can reap the harvest and generate maximum returns. If your capital is less, consider these business ideas, which require little capital to kick start.

Best Businesses To Start In Kenya With 500k

Here is a list of the best businesses to start with 500k in Kenya.

1. Delivery of food

This is an ongoing business that has grown in size, especially during this pandemic.

You can connect with hotels, supermarkets, shops and other businesses for delivery.

It is easy and cheap to establish and maintain a good delivery system that can reach a large number of customers.

2. Electronic stores

Many households in Kenya use electronic appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, music systems, Bluetooth speakers, machines and telephones as part of the essential household appliances that enable daily activities or for entertainment purposes.

You can start with a simple e-commerce store that sells basic items before starting a direct business.

You can do your shopping online to get more opportunities.

You can also arrange repair services for these electronic devices.

3. Auto Repair/Decoration Shop

With 500,000, you can set up a small auto repair or hardware store in a region or country.

Cars and motorcycles need regular maintenance and repair services, so you will never run out of customers.

However, you need to consider your business situation and ensure that competitive prices will attract customers.

4. Digital media company

Marketing today revolves around the digital space.

Companies, businesses, content creators and brands rely on the digital space to market products and services and gain more customers/audiences.

You can do proper research and take your company to the next level with experts.

5. Stores/online stores

More and more people are turning to e-commerce by selling and buying products online. You can create an online store and store various items.

Make sure your products are affordable and of good quality. You need to do a lot of marketing to attract customers.

You can sell your products on different social media channels.

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6. bakery

500k is a good starting point to open a small bakery, where you can cook simple food like cakes, mandazis, donuts, etc.

Do your research and consider factors such as location, vendors, and customer service before setting up a bakery.

You can also sell your products online.

7. salon

The amount of money you will invest in the salon will depend on the location and the target customers.

The price will be slightly higher if the salon is located in a high-rise building.

You can create a basic salon and hire professionals to run it.

Ensure that customer service is of the highest standard and staff at the salon provide quality service. This business is referral based.

A satisfied customer will always refer a friend to your business.

8. Web Design and Graphic Design

It’s a great business that you can run from the comfort of your home if you can’t open a business.

This requires you to have knowledge or skills in web and graphics. You can also choose to engage in web hosting.

You need to market your services effectively on the internet site to attract customers.

9. Home day care

The daycare business is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. There is a high demand for childcare services.

You can turn your home into a simple day care center and market your services in your home or location.

The trick here is to offer an attractive service at an affordable price that will attract customers.

10. Cleaning services

The demand for cleaning services is high, especially in commercial and residential establishments.

You can start a cleaning business that offers a wide range of cleaning services at competitive prices.

In order for this business to grow, you must make many sales.

This can be done on various online platforms and media channels.