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top 20 Best Restaurants In Westlands

top 20 Best Restaurants In Westlands

This article is about the top 20 best restaurant in Westlands Nairobi.

Best Restaurants In Westlands

Anyway, here is the list of the top restaurants in Westlands.

1.  Open House Restaurant

Open House Restaurant offers a cornucopia of Indian flavors from a delicate balance between delicious dishes, great atmosphere and personalized service.

Location: Gallant Mall, Parklands Rd, across from the station

Callers: 0735 621 824, 0727 726 345.


2. Tambourin Hotel

This is an in-house lounge and restaurant designed to provide a unique dining experience for customers. It serves delicious and tasty Arabic inspired food.

Contact: 0703 049 000.

Location: Villa Rosa Kempinski


3. Honey & Dough Gourmet Cafe

Delicious food, great entertainment, incredible views and exceptional service are what Honey & Dough Gourmet Cafe is all about.

The elegant hotel is located on the 7th floor of One Africa Place, next to Delta Towers along Waiyaki Way.

Contact: 0735 065865

4. The node Restaurant

Node is an open garden restaurant where you can enjoy a special breakfast, lunch or dinner choosing from a variety of local and international cuisine.

It is located on Woodvale Close next to the Jacaranda Hotel.

Contact: 0711 089 541.

5. Rozina RestauranT

Rozina is the restaurant to make foods, of the grass and Indian food.

Location: Near Westlands, opposite the Pride Building

Callers: 0702 154 443, 0713 469 988.

6. Hotel Lucca

Hotel Lucca is a restaurant, family friendly, casual restaurant that offers a relaxed atmosphere and delicious Italian food prepared with the best ingredients to provide the best home cooking.

Location: Chiromo Road, Villa Rosa Kempinski

Contact: 0703 049 000.

7. Fogo Gaucho

Fogo Gaucho is Nairobi’s only Brazilian Churrascaria offering 17 cuts of meat and 25 different salads, sides and desserts every lunch and dinner.

It is located at Viking House, Off Waiyaki Way.

Contact: 0712 123 456. Email:

8. Clay oven restaurant

Clay Oven restaurant is the best place that offers the most delicious food for all Indian food lovers.

Location: 66798 Fuji Plaza, Crossway Road along Waiyaki Way

Contact: 0708 778 877.


9. Graze Steakhouse

It’s a modern take on a New York steakhouse, serving aged beef and savory dishes paired with eclectic wines and whiskeys from some of the world’s best producers. .

Location: Woodvale Grove, Sankara Hotel

Callers: 0703 028 000, 020 420 8000.

10. Vista Hotel

This is one of the best restaurants serving Indian, Chinese and Continental food.

Location: 7th Floor Krishna Centre, 12 Woodvale Grove

Contact: 0716 228 302.

11. Royal kitchen Hotel

The restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines prepared for your enjoyment including Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Location: Prideinn Westlands

Contact: +254 020 815 5399, 0709 532 000.

12. Brew Bistro Fortis

This is a modern restaurant and resort that offers a wide range of local and international cuisine. It is located at Fortis Towers, Woodvale Avenue.

Callers: 0705 466 836, 0736 568 610.


13. Haandi Hotel

It is a beautiful restaurant that serves some of the best Northern Indian food in Nairobi. Location: Le business center, Waiyaki Way.

Callers: 0725 885 533, 0733 648 294. Email:

14. Urban eatery

The community dining area features four different kitchens and signature cocktails, with menus ranging from hearty breakfasts to fine dining evening meals.

Location: PwC Tower, Ground Level Delta Corner Estate, Chiromo Road

Contact: 0790 999 896.

15. Golden Tulip

Golden Tulip offers an opportunity to taste a variety of local and international cuisines.

Location: 65 Muthithi Rd

Contact: +254 20 403 4000.


16. Seven seafoods and grills

It is a Kenyan steak and seafood restaurant offering the best selection of local and international cuisine.

Location: ABC Place, Waiyaki

Contact: 0737 776 677.

17. About Thyme restaurant

The restaurant offers an intimate dining experience in a leafy, secluded space where great food and drinks are served.

Location: Eldama Ravine Road

Contact: 0721 850 026

18. INTI – The Nikkei Experience

This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Nairobi.

The restaurant’s experience centres around Nikkei cuisine.

Location: 20th Floor of One Africa Place along Waiyaki Way.

Contact: 0735 065945

19. The View

The hotel is located on the 24th floor of the Mövenpick Hotel. It offers beautiful panoramic views of Parklands, Upper Hill, Westlands, Karura Forest and Nairobi city. This is a popular concept for delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

It is usually open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Contact: 0709548000

20. Mercado – Mexican food and wine

This is the best Mexican restaurant in Kenya located on the Terrace Floor in the south wing of the Kenrail tower along the Ring Road Park. Mercado dishes are prepared by chefs from Mexico City.

Contact: 0700 245795