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top 8 best Online Market Platforms For Farmers In Kenya

top 8 best Online Market Platforms For Farmers In Kenya

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:38 pm

This article is about top 8 best Online Market Platforms For Farmers In Kenya. The platform provides a way for farmers and consumers to interact directly by selling and buying agricultural products and other related services.

best Online Market Platforms For Farmers In Kenya

In no particular order, here is a list of the best online marketing platforms for farmers in Kenya.

1. Kenyan Farmers Market

Kenya Farmers Market is a free online marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to buy agricultural products and services.

Callers: 0701 264 770/ 0735 107 169.

2. Mkulima Young

Mkulima Young is an online store for farmers created by a farmer. You can buy or sell all kinds of agricultural products.

This platform is led by digital marketing experts who understand the situation to create the largest online farmers market in Africa.

Contact: 0710 848 002.

3. Emeden Kenya

Emeden Kenya is an online platform for farmers and food producers. It organizes and connects farmers and markets through its platforms.

It allows farmers to buy agricultural inputs and sell agricultural products at low prices and high yields.

Contact: 0799 745 339.

4. TruTrade Africa

TruTrade Africa is a social enterprise that provides smallholder farmers with a reliable mobile commerce and payment platform for integrated supply chain management.

Contact: 0721 850 906.

5. Kenya Small Farmers Forum

The organization is an online marketplace for smallholder farmers in Kenya and Uganda to access markets for their agricultural products and services.

Contact: 0701 732 800.

6. Taimba

Taimba is a non-profit mobile platform that connects farmers and traders. The platform sources the products from the farmers at low prices and provides the products to the retailers.

Contact: 0709 790 000.

7. Sokoppe

Sokopepe is a business system that connects farmers and consumers. It also supports the agricultural sector in Kenya by providing a farm record management information system.

Contact: 020 242 7693.

8. Mkulima Bora

Mkulima Bora is a digital store for smallholder farmers. It connects consumers with Kenyan smallholder farmers and ensures that good quality food is easily accessible to everyone.

Contact: 0111 656 522.