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top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Embu County

top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Embu County

This article is about the top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Embu County. The region covers an area of ​​2,818 square kilometers. Embu County has many private primary schools, which provide quality education and achieve the best results in national examinations such as KCPE.

One of the top schools in the region in the KCPE exam is Havard Primary School with an average score of 380. There are other primary schools that are doing well in Embu County

Best Private Primary Schools In Embu County

In no particular order, here is a list of the top private primary schools in Embu County.

Harvard Primary School

Location: Off Meru-Nairobi Road, Manyatta

Embu Shepherd Academy

Location: Off Embu-Siakago Road

Msingi Bora Academy

Location: Mbeere

Lion primary School

Location: Near Embu Town Post Office

Mbeere Bright Future Academy

Location: Mbeere

Embu Christian School

Location: Manyatta

Emmaculate Preparatory School

Location: Runyenjes

Tenri primary School

Location: Embu

Hillside Junior Academy

Location: Siakago

Nica Victors Academy

Location: Runyenjes

Millennium Focus Academy

Location: Runyenjes

Siloam Academy

Location: Kathanjuri

Modern Green Junior Academy

Location: Embu

Wango Boarding School

Location: Karaba, Mbeere South

Mashariki School

Location: Siakago

Joyland Junior Academy

Location: Runyenjes

Salogate Primary School

Location: Runyenjes

Morning Star Academy

Location: Off Embu-Siakago Road, Gitiburi

Six Thirty Royal Academy

Location: North

Bonanza School

Location: Embu