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top ten kmtc diploma courses - highly MARKETABLE

top ten kmtc diploma courses – highly MARKETABLE

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:13 pm

KMTC currently offers marketing certificates, short courses and diploma programs. These are some of the top ten kmtc diploma courses, which are highly marketable.

KMTC training can be offered in a traditional classroom setting or online. Individuals need a grade C average in KCSE to enroll in the marketing degree program at KMTC.

While many KCSE aspirants rush to apply for the available courses, KMTC is ahead of most universities in the latest rankings. It is also wise to make the right decisions for the sake of business and employment.

top ten kmtc diploma courses

1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine

The three-year program culminates in a marketable degree. The job market in hospitals, both public and private, is very strong and salaries in both sectors are competitive.

There is also the option of getting a medical license and starting your own business. A grade of C in general, C- in at least one of the languages, C- in Chemistry or Biology, and an overall C- in Mathematics or Physics are required for admission to business degree programs. a.


If you have a medical degree, you have many options for high-paying jobs in public and private companies across the country.

You are also given the opportunity to open your own pharmacy or pharmacy, depending on the required license.

The first two years of the three-year program are devoted to intensive school teaching. The minimum admission is a grade of C overall, C in any language, C in biology or chemistry, and C- in mathematics or physics.

3. Diploma in Dental Technology

KMTC Nairobi offers a three-year program in this department. Dental technicians are in high demand, so graduates don’t have to worry about finding a job. Because of the lightning speed of people growing teeth, this happens.

You can open your own dental clinic after applying for the necessary licenses. You need a C- average, a C- in one of the languages, a- in one of the sciences (chemistry or biology) and a C- in one of the other sciences (mathematics, physics or chemist) to qualify.

4. Diploma in optical science

Many hospitals strive to provide comprehensive treatment to their patients, so you may want to join this program. It is possible to enroll in a three-year degree program at the KMTC campus in Nairobi.

After completing the program, you will have no problem finding a profitable job in a public or private hospital, and you can expect to be well paid for your efforts. You can also apply for a license to set up your own optical inspection company.

A grade of C or better is required in all areas, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, metallurgy and general science.

5. Diploma in Nursing

One can choose from a wide range of nursing specialties at KMTC. These are KRCHN, KECHN, Mental Health Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Midwifery Nursing.

Nurses can work in a variety of settings, including private practice and hospitals, after obtaining the necessary licenses.

The minimum requirements to enroll in this three-year course are a C average, a C in any language, a C in biology or chemistry, and a C in mathematics, physics, metallurgy, or general science.

6. Diploma in medical imaging

Finding a job after college as an x-ray, x-ray, or ultrasound technician is easy but the pay is great. As it is, the program is very good.

These graduates are rare in the country. To complete the three-year course, students need a C GPA, a C in Biology or Chemistry and a C in Mathematics, Physics, Metallurgy or General Science.

7. Diploma in Community Health Nursing

This training, which is based on voluntary work, is of course commercial. To qualify, you must have a C average, a C in any language, a C in chemistry or biology, and a C or C- in maths or physics. It lasts three years.

8. Diploma in Orthopedics Trauma and Medicine

At the end of the three years, students will develop exceptional analytical and creative abilities. put broken and twisted bones into soft tissue.

To be accepted, you must have a C in general, a C in any language, a C in biology or chemistry, and a C in mathematics, physics, metallurgy, or general science.

9. Diploma course in physiotherapy

As a health care provider, you play an important role in the treatment process because many patients need your services. In return for providing these services in the hospital, many hospitals are willing to pay them attractive fees for doing so.

Another option is to offer your services privately for money, which can be as high as public services.

Admission criteria include a C in general, a C in any language, a C in biology or chemistry, and a C in mathematics, physics, metallurgy, or general science. The duration of the course is three years.

10. Diploma in Medical Laboratory

After three years, you will be ready for a job as a laboratory technician in a hospital. It is easy to sell and its value is great.

To apply, you must have the following: an overall grade of C+, a C+ in biology or chemistry, and an overall grade of C- or better in maths or physics.

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