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Zetech University Fees Structure

Zetech University Fees Structure

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 08:13 pm

This is the updated Zetech University Fees Structure 2023. It is a private university located along Thika Road in Ruiru. The fees structure is always subject to adjustments in future.

Zetech was started as an ICT training center in 1999 by Eng. Ken Mbiuki.

It was finally authorized to offer university programs in 2014 by the Education Commission.

As of 2023, Zetech offers 21 degree programs, 22 diploma programs and 15 certificate programs.

It also offers many ZBTI and professional courses.

Since its inception, more than 60,000 students have graduated from the institution. Currently, more than 5,000 students at Zetech University are taking the courses we have listed below.

Zetech University Fees Structure 2023

​Programme​Fees per semester​No of semesters
Master of Business Administration72,0004
Degree Programmes Offered at Zetech University
​​ Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)​​ 54,650​​ 8
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (BIRD)​​ 54,650​​ 8
​Bachelor of Education Arts (BEdArts)54,650​8
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)54,650​8
Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT)54,650​8
​Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSCIT)54,650​8
​​Bachelor of Economics and Statistics (BES)54,650​8
​​Bachelor of Business Administration & Management (BBAM)54,650​​8
​Bachelor of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (BPSCM)54,650​8
​​Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BScHTM)​54,000​​8
​Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management (BScHSM)​54,650​8
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BCS)60,6508
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics (BCM)60,6508
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Applied Physics (BCP)60,6508
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSE)60,6508
Bachelor of Science in Media and Digital Communication (BMDC)60,6508
Bachelor of Journalism (BAJ)60,6508
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Technology (BPSY)54,6508
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Technology (BST)54,6508
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Technology (BPT)54,6508
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (BSC.AS)60,6508
Diploma Programmes Offered at Zetech University
Diploma in Business Administration and Management30,6504
Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management30,6504
Diploma in Human Resource Management30,6504
Diploma in Accounting and Finance30,6504
Diploma in Banking and Finance30,6504
Diploma in Community Development30,6504
Diploma in Community Health30,6504
Diploma in Counseling Psychology30,6504
Diploma in Project Management30,6504
Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies30,6504
Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy30,6504
Diploma in Communication and Media Studies36,8505
Diploma in Information Technology36,8504
Diploma in Software Engineering36,8505
Diploma in Business Information Technology36,8504
Diploma in Computer Science36,8505
Diploma in Hospitality Management38,8505
Diploma in Tourism Management30,6504
Certificate Programmes Offered ​​ at Zetech University
Certificate in Business Management26,0502
Certificate in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management26,0502
Certificate in Development Studies26,0502
Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies29,6502
Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management29,6502
Certificate in Information Technology27,0502

Zetech Business & Technical Institute Fees Per Term

ProgrammeFees per TermNo Of Terms
Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) (KNEC)15,0009
Diploma in Journalism (Part 2) (ICM)16,5003
Certified Public Accountant (KASNEB)18,0002
Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Power) (KNEC)15,0006
Certificate in Community Development and Social Work (KNEC)15,0004
Certificate in Business Management (KNEC)15,0005
Certificate in Food Production, Sales and Service (KNEC)15,0005
Certificate in Journalism (Part 1) (ICM)16,5003
Certificate in Supply Chain Management (KNEC)15,0005
Certificate in Human Resource Management (KNEC)15,0005
Certificate in Information Communication Technology (KNEC)15,0005
Artisan in Salesmanship (KNEC)15,0003
Artisan in Food and Beverage Production (KNEC)17,5003
Artisan in Electrical Installation (KNEC)17,5003

Please note that the fees are subject to change. Contact the school using the avenues below for fee policies and payments.

Zetech University Contacts

Phone: +254719 034 500, +254 706 622 557


Main Campus: Off Thika Road-Ruiru