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Approved Fire Safety Training Institutions in Kenya

Approved Fire Safety Training Institutions in Kenya

These are the approved fire safety training institutes in Kenya. Fire safety training is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. Training provides your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to stop a fire in good time before it causes too much damage.

Some of the skills recommended by the companies listed below include the use of fire extinguishers, proper response to workplace fire emergencies, common fire causes, and emergency evacuation plans. sudden.

The lighting and Kenya has to approve it from the administration of security and health services (Doshs).

Approved Fire Safety Training Institutions in Kenya

 1.Directorate of OccupationalSafety & Health Services0775833675Nairobi
2.Progo Consult Limited0777202958Nairobi
3.Auditors Guild0706173733Naivasha
4.Flame Occupational Safety Health and Environment Consultants0724215824Nakuru
5.Medswift Training Consultants Ltd0722823758Nairobi
6.The International Safety Training Centre Ltd0700364722Nairobi
7.Dataline International Limited0722385295Nairobi
8.Kaileys Consortium Ltd0720491835Nairobi
9.St. John Ambulance0721611555Nairobi
10.Safetec Solutions Limited0722849570Nairobi
11.EHS Solutions Ltd0722622578Mombasa
12.Jehoma Contractors Ltd0720385419Nairobi
13.Primatech ManagementsLimited0701356377Nairobi
14.Ecosafe Limited0721411967Nairobi
15.Noble occupational safety and health services0722488556Mombasa
16.Sheq Management Systems Ltd0733475128Nairobi
17.Diverse Ecosafety Consultants ltd0724543942Nairobi
18.Diligence Consultants limited0720312257Nairobi
19.Envosh Consultants LTD0733754709Nairobi
20.Safetynet Consultancy Limited0728121131Nairobi
21.Techo Quality Inspectors0724229529Nairobi
22.Jolemac Fire Protection Ltd.0720203754Nairobi
23.Universal Work Health & Safety Consultancy Ltd0723613458Nakuru
24.Gamma EHS Consultancy LtdThika
25.Flammable Firemetrics andSafety Consultants0721615237Nairobi
26.Kenya Arctic Safety Ltd0724156670Nairobi
27.Firetech International ltd0722792999Nairobi
28.New Sonic Quality InspectorsLtd020-2108008Nairobi
29.Radical Fire and SafetyConsultants Limited0721445091Nairobi
30.Micamo ManagementConsultants Ltd0717788123Nairobi
31.Occupex Consultants0722655305Thika
32.Kenya Petroleum RefineryEmergency Response School0728283438Mombasa
33.Trojan Fire Security Ltd0722704980Nairobi
34.Nairobi Fire Marshals0726730664Nairobi
35.Trident Risk Management Consultants limited0727366307Nairobi
36.Pestavic EHS Services Ltd0736038466Nairobi
37.Safety and environment focus Limited0720211068Mombasa
38.Ecohealth Company Limited0727071692Nairobi
39.Delphines Safety Engineers0724368290Nairobi
40.Ioshem Africa Limited0736706720NAIROBI
41.Health Relief International0703653031NAIROBI
42.Marple Merchants Limited0733246788NAIROBI
43.Core Occupational Solutions0721706030Nairobi
44.Safepro Limited0720530985Nairobi
45.Gramuel Consortium Ltd0700381085NAIROBI
46.Kenya Red Cross Society0705464722Nairobi
47.Falcon Environs LTD0722108011Nairobi
48.Maxsafe EHS Consultimg ltd0720658740Nakuru
49.Unisafe safety & health consultancy ltd0724130240Nakuru
50.Marcan Consulting Ltd0720771899Nairobi
51.Unisafe Fire & SafetyConsultancy Ltd0724821417Thika
52.Everton Environmental Safety and Health Solutions Ltd0758308426Eldoret
53.Gamma EHS Consulting Ltd0722499890Thika
54.Armer Solutions Limited0720707371Nairobi
55.Nimrod Africa Limited0722724001Nairobi
56.Kaya Occupational Health & Safety Services0701209729Mombasa
57.Sahfem Kenya Ltd0720340895Nakuru
58.ICT Fire & Rescue Services0720486728Thika
59.AON Kenya(Minet Kenya) Consulting0726152941Nairobi
60.Strategic SHE limited0722796230Nairobi
61.Certken Consult Limited0717068993Nairobi
62.Snowball Kenya Limited0722805573Nairobi
63.Terrace Ventures Solutions Ltd0722931333Nairobi
64.Diverse Fire Protection and Safety Consultants0722367919NAIROBI
65.G4s Fire services0711042000Nairobi
66.Envirolink Consultants LTD0725515611Nairobi