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grape farming in Kenya

grape farming in Kenya

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This article focuses grape farming in Kenya.

Grapes are fruits that are eaten as fruit or used for various purposes such as wine.

They are very tasty and juicy with high nutritional value.

Grapes grow well in Kenyan regions such as Meru, Bungoma and Naivasha.

These types of grapes are grown in Kenya

  • French grapes, also known as vinifera (it is the most common type in Kenya and other countries).
  • American grapes.
  • Mediterranean grapes

Habitat conditions for growing grapes

  • Can grow in any type of soil. However, the soil should be well spread.
  • Good air circulation to prevent fungi from attacking vines.
  • Get enough water where rainfall is scarce.
  • Soil pH around 5.0.
  • Hot and humid.

Planting and propagation

Grapes can be propagated by seeds or cuttings.

The best way to propagate is to use seedlings from the nursery.

If the propagation is from seeds, the roots of the vine should be soaked in water about 2 hours before planting.

The best spacing for vines is 6 to 10 feet apart, planting holes should be 12 inches wide and 12 inches wide.

Grapes will need some kind of support to grow well.

In the first year of planting, effective measures should be taken to prevent the vine from bearing fruit to strengthen the root system.

Grapes produce themselves, therefore, fertilizers should not be applied in the first year of planting, unless there is a soil fertility problem.

Birds are among the pests that attack grapes. To keep them away, you can use a mesh net.


Grapes begin to bear fruit within a year.

For the highest yield, they take about four years.

They are ready to harvest as soon as they ripen and are easy to crush.

Harvesting is done twice a year.

In terms of fruit, one grape tree can produce up to 15 kilograms of grapes.

Grape market in Kenya

The production of grapes in the country is still small.

Most of the grapes consumed in Kenya are imported from other countries, especially if they are used for commercial purposes.

In the region, grapes are sold in air markets, supermarkets and grocery stores at a price between 300 and 400 per kilogram.

With the right marketing and connections, you can also sell grapes to processing companies such as the Kenya Wine Agency, which produces wine.