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how to shop from amazon in kenya - complete guide

how to shop from amazon in kenya – complete guide

“Hey there, Kenyan shoppers! So, you’re curious about Amazon, right? Well, let me tell you, it’s like this gigantic online store with everything under the sun. And the cool part? You can totally buy stuff from Kenya! But, you gotta know the deal, like how to set up your account, pick the right stuff, and deal with all the shipping jazz. So, stick around, and I’ll give you the lowdown on how to score some cool goodies from Amazon while kickin’ it in Kenya!” This article is about how to shop from Amazon in Kenya.

how to shop from amazon in kenya

Sign Up on Amazon:

If you don’t have an Amazon account, create one with your Kenyan address.

Set Your Kenyan Address:

Make sure your shipping address is set to Kenya in your Amazon account.

Filter for International Shipping:

Look for products that can be shipped to Kenya by using the “International Shipping” filter.

Check Import Fees:

When buying, Amazon might estimate import fees. It’s a good idea to pay them in advance.

Payment Options:

Use international credit/debit cards or virtual cards from Kenyan banks to pay.

Know the Costs in Kenyan Shillings:

Be aware of the exchange rate to see the cost in Kenyan Shillings.

Delivery Time:

Check how long delivery will take, and track your order if possible.

Kenyan Import Rules:

Be mindful of Kenya’s import rules and regulations.

Customs Duties:

Understand that you might have to pay customs duties upon delivery.

Returns and Support:

Learn about Amazon’s return policies and reach out to them if you have issues.

Choose Shipping Method:

Pick standard or faster shipping, depending on your needs.

Read Reviews:

Read product reviews to make informed choices before buying.

why shop on amazon if you are in Kenya

“Why shop on Amazon from Kenya, you ask? Well, it’s like having a massive mall at your fingertips, right from your couch. Here’s the deal:

Big Variety: Amazon’s got stuff from all over. If you’re after unique or hard-to-find stuff, it’s your place.

Savings Galore: They often throw deals and discounts your way, so it can be lighter on your wallet.

No Need to Leave Home: Shopping while chillin’ at home? That’s Amazon for you – super convenient.

Customer Tips: You can snoop around for advice from other shoppers in the reviews.

Famous Brands: Get your hands on brands from all over, not just the local ones.

Special Treats: If you’re hunting for something special, Amazon’s got a lot of one-of-a-kind goodies.

Worldwide Goods: Looking for something imported? Amazon’s your go-to.

Reliable Shipping: They’ve got a pretty good rep for getting stuff to your door, and you can track it.

No-Hassle Returns: If you don’t like what you got, returning stuff is usually a breeze.

Prime Perks: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ve got speedy shipping and access to shows and movies.

But remember, there might be extra costs for shipping and taxes, and sometimes it takes a little longer to arrive. So, make sure it’s worth it for you!”

15 best items to shop on amazon from kenya

  1. Electronics: You can grab gadgets like phones, laptops, and headphones.
  2. Books: Find all sorts of books, from novels to textbooks.
  3. Fashion: Shop for clothes, shoes, and cool accessories.
  4. Home Stuff: Get kitchen gadgets, home appliances, and things for your house.
  5. Beauty and Grooming: Discover makeup, skincare stuff, and things to keep you looking sharp.
  6. Health and Fitness: Find things for staying fit and healthy.
  7. Toys and Games: Get toys for the kids (and adults who are kids at heart).
  8. Car Accessories: If you’ve got wheels, check out car gear.
  9. Sports and Outdoor Gear: Find sports equipment and outdoor adventure stuff.
  10. Unique and Hard-to-Find Stuff: Look for things you won’t find everywhere.
  11. Gifts and Special Occasions: Gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other special days.
  12. Home Decor and Furniture: Make your place look awesome with decorations and furniture.
  13. Office and School Supplies: Get the gear you need for work or school.
  14. Music and Movies: Download or order music and movies.
  15. Food and Groceries: You might find non-perishable food and groceries for international delivery.

But remember, check shipping costs, import fees, and how long it takes to get stuff. Look at reviews and seller ratings to make sure it’s a good deal. Happy shopping!

amazon door delivery in kenya

Yep, Amazon can definitely drop stuff at your doorstep in Kenya. When you’re ordering your goodies, just make sure your shipping address is set to Kenya. You’ll usually get some delivery options to pick from, like regular or faster shipping.

But, remember, it can depend on what you’re buying and where it’s coming from. Also, keep an eye on extra charges, like shipping fees and any customs stuff, which can pop up. So, when you’re checking out, don’t forget to read the nitty-gritty delivery details.