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List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 06:26 pm

Finding a hospital that meets all of your medical needs at a reasonable price can be difficult.This List of top 10 hospitals in Nairobi takes into consideration many factors,especially since most of the hospitals in Nairobi are expensive and the cheaper ones are always crowded.

Some hospitals like government research hospitals and mission hospitals are really good, but it is difficult to reach the accreditation process for Kenya research hospitals.

Therefore, I have created a list of the top ten hospitals in Nairobi, each with a brief description to help you choose the facility that will best suit your needs.

1. Kenyatta University Teaching, referral and Research Hospital

KUTRRH is the only hospital in the country that provides the best healthcare at affordable prices. That’s why it ranks first on my list. Also known as Kenyatta University Hospital, it is the only research hospital in the country.

Being part of Kenyatta University, the main focus is on teaching and research. This hospital with a capacity of 650 beds is undoubtedly the best in East and Central Africa. It has the latest and most modern medical facilities.

As the recently opened Integrated Molecular Imaging Center. This will help in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, one of the main reasons why Kenyans travel abroad for treatment.

Kenyatta Teaching Hospital is well established to provide specialized services in oncology, trauma and orthopedic, nephrology, emergency and emergency, but oncology is its standard service.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

2. Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi

The Aga Khan Teaching Hospital is a modern teaching hospital located in Parklands, Nairobi. It is undoubtedly the best private hospital in East and Central Africa, due to its well-trained medical staff and care.

One of its most popular departments is Cardiovascular and Cancer, the first of its kind in East Africa.

The center at the Jimmy Sayani building has five theaters, 23 intensive care beds (including a cardiotherapy unit) as well as a multidisciplinary intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit and two radiotherapy units for cancer treatment. . His other departments are also very impressive.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

3. Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Hospital is a private hospital located in Upperhill along Argwings Kodhek Road. This hospital offers many medical services under one roof.

The facility has six operating rooms where they perform many surgeries including open heart surgery, neurosurgery, transplant, and laparoscopic surgery.

Their health care unit has a capacity of 13 beds, 3 of which are isolated rooms with 24-hour medical coverage.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

4. Mater Hospital

Mater Misericordiae Hospital was opened in 1962 by Catholic nuns from Ireland. Since then, the hospital has grown to offer many medical services such as cardiac programs and other specialist services.

The hospital has a special clinic where you can get medical services from medical professionals.

Mater Misericordiae Hospital also has a surgical theater where many surgeries are performed, including pediatric heart surgery. Patients who cannot pay can also benefit from free surgery through the Mater Heart Fund.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

5. AAR Hospital

AAR Hospital is the newest medical facility in the city of Nairobi. Located on Kiambu Road opposite Karura Forest, the 140-bed hospital aims to provide an unparalleled patient experience.

The hospital provides hospital patients and caregivers. It is equipped with a 12-bed intensive care unit, a 9-bed HDU and a 5-bed neonatal unit supported by 4 theaters. AAR Hospital also has a doctor’s office to ensure that all patients have easy access to professional services.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

6. Gertrude Children’s Hospital

Located in Muthaiga – Nairobi, Gertrude Children’s Hospital is the best children’s hospital in East and Central Africa. This is not surprising as it was established in 1947, making it one of the oldest children’s hospitals in the region.

Gertrude Children’s Hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including surgical care, emergency care, preventive care, and rehabilitation services. The hospital is licensed to provide medical care for children and adolescents up to 21 years of age.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

7. Karen Hospital

Karen Hospital is located in Karen along Lang’ata Road. Although it is one of the newest medical facilities in the country, this hospital offers a wide range of medical services including plastic and cosmetic surgery. Their other services are also good and their prices are good compared to other private clinics in the country.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

8. MP Shah Hospital

Meghji Pethraj Shah Hospital is a 240 bed capacity hospital located in Parklands near Shivaji Road.

The hospital has five operating rooms that perform all major surgical operations, including neurosurgery and maxillofacial/rec.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

9.Coptic Hospital

The Coptic Hospital is located along Ngong Road in Nairobi. The hospital was founded by the Copt Orthodox Church, hence its name. The Coptic Hospital offers many services, including children’s health services, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, HDU, health care and theater services.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi

10. Kenyatta National Hospital

Kenyata National Hospital, a public hospital in Nairobi, is the first primary care hospital in East and Central Africa. It is the oldest and largest hospital in Kenya with a capacity of 1800 beds. Being the leading hospital in Kenya, Kenyatta National Hospital offers every imaginable medical service, with a large number of medical professionals and consultants. Medical services at this facility are affordable. Because it wants to provide health services to everyone regardless of income level. Kenyatta National Hospital also accepts insurance from NHIF and all insurance companies operating in the country.

List of top 10 hospitals in nairobi