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SBM Bank Kenya Swift Code

SBM Bank Kenya Swift Code

This article is about SBM Bank Kenya Swift Code. SBM Bank is one of the licensed commercial banks in and has many branches in Kenya.

what is sbm bank kenya swift code?

FCBLKENA is the Swift code of SBM Bank Kenya.

what is a swift code?

A Swift code is a standard format of bank identifier codes and is a unique identifier for a bank. Swift codes are used when transferring money between banks, mainly when making international bank transfers. Banks also used the codes to exchange other messages.

Basically, a Swift code is made up of 8 or 11 characters. In the case of 8 characters it automatically refers to the headquarters of a bank. Quick code format


AAAA First 4 characters: bank code (letters only)

BB Next 2 characters – Country code (letters only) KEN

CC Next 2 characters: location code (letters and digits)

DDD Last 3 characters: branch code, this is optional.

FCBLKENA is the Swift code of SBM Bank Kenya

For more information or clarifications, contact SBM Bank Kenya

SBM bank Kenya contact info

To reach our customer care centre,

call 0709800000; 0730175000 or

send a WHATSAPP message to 0773758196