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TSC Recruitment Requirements For Teachers in Kenya - comprehensive guide

TSC Recruitment Requirements For Teachers in Kenya – comprehensive guide

This article is about TSC Recruitment Requirements For Teachers in Kenya. These are the requirements for primary and secondary school teachers in Kenya that must be met before being recruited by the Teaching Service of Kenya (TSC). The TSC is responsible for recruiting and recruiting registered teachers, assigning teachers to various institutions, promoting and transferring teachers, managing the discipline of teachers, and most importantly , to give teachers a team work environment.

TSC Recruitment Requirements For Teachers in Kenya

If you are a graduate and hoping to be hired by TSC as a teacher, you must meet these requirements.

  1. You must be a Kenyan citizen
  2. You must be 45 years and below
  3. You must be registered as a teacher in accordance with section 23 of the Teachers Act 2012. Those who do not have a registration certificate must submit a copy of the online application / payment receipt of the application for registration.
  4. You must have a professional certificate and previous education

CPE/KCPE Certificate
KCE/KCSE certificate (including first attempt certificate if renewed)
PTE Certificate
School Leaving Certificate
Candidates who do not have academic and professional certificates must show proof of application for approval from KNEC or the teacher’s owners concerned to join KNEC within 14 days.

graduate teachers

  • A minimum grade average of C+ in KCSE and a minimum grade of C+ in any of the two teaching subjects or a minimum of 2 standards and 1 assisted pass at ‘A’ level.
  • Bachelor of Education consists of 2 courses
  • Bachelor of Science in Education or Diploma in Arts in Education with two subjects of education.
  • Bachelor’s degree students with C Plain and C plain grades in KCSE courses and those who have completed school in education or passed the A-Level system in relevant subject areas are eligible.

Pre-university/Bridging certificates may be considered for those who graduated before December 31, 2015.

Diploma Teachers

  • Diploma in Education from a recognized Teacher Training Institution
  • A minimum grade of C+ at KCSE and with at least C+ OR credit pass in the two teaching subjects or a minimum of 1 principle and 2 subsidiaries at A-level.

Diploma teachers who graduated in 2008 or before with mean grade C plain and subject grades of C plain qualify for consideration.

technical teachers

Applicants must have a minimum grade of C+ in KCSE or a minimum of 1 standard and 2 assistants at A level.
Bachelor of Education Technology (Bed Tech) OR
Bachelor of Science in any relevant subject/course
Advanced Diploma in Technical Field
Diploma in Technical Education
You must have a diploma from Kenya Teachers College or a Diploma in Education (PDGE) from a recognized university.

For TVET institutions, the candidate must have at least an advanced diploma or degree in technical education.

  • Applicants with a grade C- average and who have applied for technical courses in TVET institutions, but who have obtained certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas or diplomas, are eligible for employment in TVET institutions.
  • People with Disabilities – Hearing and blind people, are accepted for training at C plain level as low as C plain and two training courses to qualify for employment.
  • For applicants trained in special needs education; KSL and Braille are considered as teaching subjects i.e. Biology/KSL, Geography / Braille and therefore eligible for employment.

N / B

  • Applicants whose training is in subjects that are not in the Kenyan program are not eligible for employment, regardless of the company of a higher education and improvement diploma.
    Applicants for economics / accounting, social education and ethics can apply respectively to trade studies and CRE / ire vacancies.
  • Teachers with qualifications in English/other subjects are eligible for employment as a teacher/literature specialist.
    All applicants must study both teaching and KCSE courses, except for Agriculture, Business Studies, Home Science and Computer Science.
  • For those who have not studied business or computer science, you must have at least a C+ in mathematics at KCSE. For those who haven’t studied agriculture and home science, you must get a minimum of C+ in biology at KCSE. Qualified teachers must have studied a minimum of 8 credits in each teaching subject.
    Candidates showing certificate/registration update from recognized institute are eligible for employment.
  • Applicants who have previously been employed under contract and whose dismissal is due to full credit in the coursework and those who have obtained advanced certification are eligible to apply.
    Applicants working in other government ministries meet the eligibility requirements.

Teachers over the age of 45 can apply to be included in the contract system.

  • These teachers will be recruited on a 3-year renewable contract based on performance.
  • Teachers hired under contract cannot work beyond the age of 65.

Primary schools

Applicants for positions in primary schools must have a P1 certificate.

Interested candidates should apply to the TSC County Director, in the area where the vacancy is advertised, and submit all relevant academic and professional documents.

Successful candidates are deployed to serve in any field

Secondary schools

Applicants for positions in secondary schools must have at least a degree in education.

Interested candidates should apply to the board secretary of the school where the vacancy is advertised and submit a copy of the application to the TSC director.

Please note that the Academic Affairs Committee deals only with the TSC Mayors and Boards of Trustees.
Management in this program. Applications will not be considered directly with the Commission.

For detailed information about the opportunities available in the region and the applicants/schools
it is good to:
a) Visit the TSC website
b) Visit the TSC office in the district or sub-district of their choice

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