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Thika Road Christian School Fees Structure today

Thika Road Christian School Fees Structure today

This article is about Thika Road Christian School Fees Structure today. It is located in the Kasarani sub-county of Nairobi, along the Thika Road expressway. It is one of the most affordable private primary schools in Nairobi and records exemplary KCPE results.

In the 2020 KCPE results, Thika Road Christian School had 88 students with 300 marks or more out of the 101 registered. 5 students scored 400 points or more. Below is the detailed report on the progress of the school.

401-414 (grade A) 5 students
376-397 (grade A-) 24 students
351-374 (grade B+) 25 students
325-346 (grade B) 19 students
301-323 (grade B-)15 students
278-298 (grade C+) 7 students
245-274 (grade C) 6 students

In 2022, Thika Road Christian School was among the schools that produced top 100 students with over 400 marks.

Thika Road Christian School Fees Structure today

Entry fee: Ksh 1,000

Development Fund: 10,000 Kenyan Shillings; once per family.

Bus Fund: Ksh 10,000; once per family.

Tuition fees per term

  1. Nursery, 3 years: Ksh 12,000 (includes snacks)
  2. Nursery, 4 years: Ksh 14,000 (includes snacks)
  3. Pre-Unit: Ksh 14,000 (includes snacks)
  4. Standard 1 – 4: 26,000 Kenyan Shillings

5.Std 5 – 8: Ksh. 28,000

*includes textbooks, workbooks, A Beka books, swimming, computer lessons, lunch and French (standards 5 – 8 only).

*Uniforms are purchased by parents. Uniforms maybe sold at school.

Transport fee

Round trip: Ksh 9,000

Return: Ksh 5,000

Please note that rates are subject to change. Please contact the school using the methods below for information on fees and payment policies.

Thika Road Christian School Contacts

Telephone Numbers: 0724 044 460, 020 2615089

Email Address: