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top 10 Best Certificate Courses in Kenya

top 10 Best Certificate Courses in Kenya

This article is about top 10 Best Certificate Courses in Kenya. Education is important for today’s generation.

Certificate programs offer great value on their own,

they provide a good foundation for the student,

but they can be used as a supplement to make the graduate more marketable.

The thing is, some courses sell better than others. Often, the people who pay the most are the people who sell the most.

Different colleges offer different courses. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing what you want to study and where. If you are looking for a good high paying certificate, then worry no more.

the Best Certificate Courses in Kenya

Here is a list of the best certification courses:

1. Computer Science.

Information technology is an art that advances every day, and every day comes new technological advancements.

Also, other areas are also realizing the importance of applying IT in their work, such as in the hospitality and tourism industry, many managers are learning how to market their hotel information on their website to and they can quickly advertise their products.

Therefore, if you are interested in IT, you can learn and work well in it because the truth is that it pays well.

2. Accounting and finance.

In this area, you are sure to encounter many math questions; so if you are best in math, that is your field.

Depending on the organization you will be working for or the company’s income, the salary can be attractive.

If you are looking to become a marketer, you can continue with the manual process, which is offered by the Staffing Services Agency; therefore, you must have a good knowledge about the practical art of accounting.

3. Human resource management.

If you graduate from this course, you will have a good chance of becoming a leader in the corporate sector, won’t you?

A course in human resource management will allow you to gain a lot of knowledge.

Also, it will give you the opportunity to pursue different careers in different companies.

As we all know, people who are involved in the education that will eventually lead to jobs are the backbone of our economy.

So, certification in human resource management, sustainability and smart work will not fail you.

4. Marketing and sales.

The trick is to be social and know a lot of people who help. In this field, companies can give you their products, after that you will be led to sell them, the more people know who needs the product, the higher the number of sales you will have get.

Depending on the payment method you agree on, this method usually works, because you will be paid based on the percentage of your sales.

5. Digital Marketing.

The best thing about it is that digital marketing can even be done from the comfort of your home;

All you need is skills, a laptop and a good internet connection. All you do is sell your products online and get potential customers.

However, where this game has many areas of specialization are; email marketing, copywriting, content marketing, data analysis, search engine optimization, among others;

The advice here is that you find at least two of these very good places, after you have done a good and consistent job, customers will knock on your door.

6. Health records and information

Medical record information is available at KMTC and other institutions.

The best thing about this course is that it gives you the knowledge and skills to collect and maintain health information.

This information comes from insurance, records, financial information, and patient identification.

After you graduate, you can become a hospital receptionist, medical secretary or dental secretary.

7. Food production.

There will always be an increase in the number of hotels, restaurants and restaurants.

It is clear that this certification and training will take you to a very marketable place. It is clear that people love to eat.

They say knowledge is power.

Therefore, a food production course will teach you how to plan, prepare and dispose of many foods in hygienic conditions.

8. Hair and beauty treatments.

This course will help the learner develop a passion for the hair and beauty industry.

This is very marketable of course since we all want to be good. Therefore, in most cases, we will call an expert in that area to take care of us.

In hairdressing and beauty, you will learn many skills from curling, braiding, styling, nail art and makeup for everyone.

The icing on the cake is that you will not only learn concepts, but also practices, such as how to handle customers.

9. Purchasing and Supply Management.

The best thing about this course is that the course focuses on practical work, studies, ideas and first-hand updates from the field, in the sense that you will be completely finished by the end of the day, you will sing everything. – student environment.

In this section, you will acquire skills that will help you manage the office installation process effectively.

10. Electrical and electronic machinery.

This program is among the best that KNEC has to offer.

Also, it is very marketable because it gives the student skills in electronics.

This course is very interesting because you will have the opportunity to use some of the latest equipment in the field of electrical engineering.

After graduation, you will be qualified as an electrical and electronic engineer.

It is a marketable title, and it will open you to opportunities in automobiles, electronics, manufacturing and communications, IT and construction, among others.

In particular, you will have enough knowledge that will allow you to create power and electrical equipment, so work hard and change, and you can go somewhere or even be the best of the best engineers.

With a great name comes incredible income.