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UN Kenya Salary Scale

UN Kenya Salary Scale

This article is about UN Kenya Salary Scale. These numbers are subject to change depending on UN policy.

UN Kenya Salary Scale

(Gross Pens.)689728728047766364804682843002881319919638957956996272
(Total Net)558678589716620754651792682830713868744906775944806982
(Net Pens.)558678589716620754651792682830713868744906775944806982
(Gross Pens.)9311319828591034588108631811380471189776124150512932351344964
(Total Net)754214796115838016879917921818963719100562010475211089422
(Net Pens.)754214796115838016879917921818963719100562010475211089422
(Gross Pens.)125702813268631396696146653015363661606199167603417458701815703
(Total Net)101819210747581131324118789012444561301022135758814141541470720
(Net Pens.)101819210747581131324118789012444561301022135758814141541470720
(Gross Pens.)169698817912651885542197981920740952168373226265123569292451205
(Total Net)137455714509221527287160365216800171756382183274719091121985477
(Net Pens.)137455714509221527287160365216800171756382183274719091121985477
(Gross Pens.)210426422211672338071245497525718782688781280568529225883043055
(Total Net)170445217991441893836198852820832202177912227260423672962461988
(Net Pens.)170445217991441893836198852820832202177912227260423672962461988
(Gross Pens.)260928927542502899210304798132004723352963350545336579473810438
(Total Net)211352622309442348362246578025831982700616281803429354523052870
(Net Pens.)211352622309442348362246578025831982700616281803429354523052870
(Gross Pens.)324926634383543627443381653140056194194706438379445728824761970
(Total Net)262076827663662911964305756232031603348758349435636399543785552
(Net Pens.)262076827663662911964305756232031603348758349435636399543785552


ChildSchillings 57,943 net per annum per child,
Subject to a maximum of six children.
SpouseSchillings 1,584 net per annum (for eligible staff
on board and already in receipt of amount prior to 1 April 1997).


(to be included in pensionable remuneration):

First language Schillings 85,223 net per annum.
Second language Schillings 42,612 net per annum.

Note:The scale is based on a common workweek of 37 hours.
a/Staff assessment is calculated on the basis of the 36-month average of Schillings 95.23 to US$ 1.00.
The official United Nations exchange rate for a given month will continue to be used for operational and Pension Fund purposes.
b/Long-service step:
The qualifying criteria for in-grade increases to the long-service step are as follows:
(a)  The staff member should have had at least 20 years of service within the United Nations
       Common System and five years of service at the top regular step of the current grade.
(b)  The staff member’s service should have been satisfactory.
Gross:Gross salaries have been derived through the application of staff assessment to Total Net salaries.
Gross salaries are established for purposes of separation payments and as the basis for calculating tax reimbursements whenever UN salaries are taxed.
Gross Pens.:Gross Pensionable salaries have been derived through application of staff assessment to Net Pensionable salaries.
Gross Pensionable is the basis for determining Pension Fund contributions under Article 25 of UNJSPF Regulations and for determining Pension benefits.
Total Net:Total net remuneration is the sum of the non-pensionable component and the net pensionable salary.
Net Pens.:Net Pensionable is that part of net salary which is used to derive to the Gross Pensionable Salary.
Net Pensionable salary is the Total Net salary less the Non-pensionable component, i.e. 100 per cent of total net salaries.
NPC:Non-Pensionable Component is that part of net salary excluded from application of staff assessment in determination of the Gross Pensionable salary.
The Non-Pensionable Component has been established at 0 per cent.